grandmakaianmother replied to your post: “ooo~ Making clothing, Sariel?” Shinki leaned over the Seraphim’s shoulder. “May I see?”

Shinki felt a small sweatdrop run down the back of her neck. Sariel’s choice of colors left much to be desired, but the clothes were well-made. “WEll … you got half of a few outfits here …”

Sariel observed Shinki’s expression, with a bit of a worried look. “Well, I guess it could be seen that way. I actually intended for these to go together with some tights, perhaps as an outfit for slightly chillier seasons, but if you have another idea I would be glad to hear it.”

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Shinki felt a small smile come to her face as she saw the ruined shrine come into her sight; she hadn't been here in a great long while, and she had brought treats for the lonely angel who resided here. Settling down and retracting her wings, the queen walked towards the shrine. "Sariel~ Yumeko prepared some tempura if you would like some~"

Sariel had been once more idly sitting about, watching the little Snorunt by the name of Gelu occasionally come and go as she wandered about and whittling a few more odd figurines out of some of the fallen wood of her shrine. Upon hearing her name called by the familiar voice of Shinki, the angel set the wood and knife down and went out to greet her. “Hello, Shinki~ It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And yes, tempura would be nice.”