'Wild Tales' (Relatos Salvajes) has earned Argentina its nomination for best foreign-language film AGAIN!! CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK!!!


Frank “Rocky” Fiegel, Jan. 27 1868 - Mar. 24 1947. The real life inspiration for Popeye the Sailor.

The lore of Chester, Illinois, holds that the character of Popeye was inspired by town resident Frank “Rocky” Fiegel. Lee Huffstutler, herself a Chester local, makes and well supports this argument. According to Huffstutler, Rocky Fiegel was of Polish descent and lived with his mother in a house near the Evergreen Cemetery. Mrs. Huffstutler describes him as “tall, strong, always ready for a fight and always a winner.” She once mentioned five local boys who decided to gang up on Rocky and, with all of them involved, win in a fight with him. However, it was not to be. The fight started, five against one, and in short order it was over. Rocky had whipped three of the boys, and the other two couldn’t be found anywhere. Once again, Rocky (or Popeye) was the winner even without spinach.

Rocky worked part-time at George Gozney’s saloon. When he finished his work and had consumed a couple of beers, he would take a chair outside, seat himself, tilt the chair back, and, with pipe in his mouth, proceed to take a nap in the sunshine. Of course, the sleeping Rocky became an amusing target for the school children who came by. They would creep near, yell loudly, and run. Rocky would awaken with a start and jump out of his chair, arms flailing, ready for a fight. But alas, there would be no opponent. The children would be a block away by that time.

In the March 28, 1947, issue of the Chester Herald Tribune, there is an obituary of Mr. Fiegel, who died at his home in Chester on March 24, 1947. Born January 27, 1868, he was 79 years of age at the time of his death.

The editor wrote that Frank “Rocky” Fiegel was a familiar character in Chester and credited for being the inspiration of Elzie Segar’s “Popeye.” The article reads: “In his younger days he performed amazing feats of strength. Because of his hardened physique he was affectionately known as “Rocky.” His angular jaw and familiar corncob pope apparently impressed the young Segar.

On September 7, 1996, due to the membership of “The International Popeye Fan Club,” Fiegel’s unmarked grave was given a headstone. The marker was inscripted with the 1929 version of Segar’s Popeye. It is the original design of the sailor, which most resembles his real life counterpart.

- Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History by Fred M. Grandinetti

"Las herramientas son una parte maravillosa de la era de la informacion de hoy, pero si usted va a utilizar las "redes sociales" o esa cosa que llamamos "medios de comunicacion social," es importante recordar que el denominador comun es: Social, por algo sera!. Sin una comprension de su comunidad y una comprension de las personas influyentes, estara destinado al fracaso. No hay duda al respecto."

Relatos Salvajes ganó el premio Goya a mejor película iberoamericana - Personajes -

Relatos Salvajes ganó el premio Goya a mejor película iberoamericana – Personajes -

La película de Damián Szifrón fue galardonada en España; el director argentino subió al escenario junto a Pedro Almodóvar

Relatos Salvajes, el éxito argentino dirigida por Damián Szifrón, fue galardonada hoy con el premio Goya como “Mejor película iberoamericana”.

La película, entre los cuales actúa Ricardo Darín, fue en esta edición de los Goya españoles la tercera película con más candidaturas…

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No te quedes inmóvil 
al borde del camino 
no congeles el júbilo 
no quieras con desgana 
no te salves ahora 
ni nunca 
no te salves 
no te llenes de calma 
no reserves del mundo 
sólo un rincón tranquilo 
no dejes caer los párpados 
pesados como juicios 
no te quedes sin labios 
no te duermas sin sueño 
no te pienses sin sangre 
no te juzgues sin tiempo 

pero si 
pese a todo 
no puedes evitarlo 
y congelas el júbilo 
y quieres con desgana 
y te salvas ahora 
y te llenas de calma 
y reservas del mundo 
sólo un rincón tranquilo 
y dejas caer los párpados 
pesados como juicios 
y te secas sin labios 
y te duermes sin sueño 
y te piensas sin sangre 
y te juzgas sin tiempo 
y te quedas inmóvil 
al borde del camino 
y te salvas 
no te quedes conmigo.


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Está en marcha la película de Beda Docampo Feijoó sobre la vida y obra del hoy papa Francisco. El papel protagónico lo hará Darío Grandinetti, para la mamá de “Francisquito” fue elegida Laura Novoa, y estaban haciendo castings para quien fuera la novia adolescente de, en aquel entonces, Jorge Bergoglio. Van a fi lmar en enero y febrero de 2015.


Darío Grandinetti interpreta a Oliverio el personaje central del Lado Oscuro del Corazón que le pone vida a textos de Girondo, Benedetti y otros poetas, bajo la dirección cinematográfica de Eliseo Subiela.

Un lujo… 

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