In parts of the world this dude would be proclaimed worlds strongest man or something or other for his daily feet of carrying 500kgs of wood up and down a hill. Whats deep is that even though he does the impossible his eating habits will never allow his muscles to truly reflect the strength that flows through his body. #grandad #father #african_portraits #Africa #kinshasa #DRC #strength #energy #chi #everydayafrica #dynamicafrica #instaafrica


69 years.

I don’t have a type writer, I don’t have a publisher, and sometimes I don’t have much ambition, but I do have an amazing story that I’d like to share and even if it can’t be throughout the world,I thought maybe my tumblr friends would like to read and well, that’d be enough for me. This isn’t the full version, rather a summery of the few things I’ve learned this October. To start things off, the two people in these pictures are my great grandparents, (grandmother and grandad), Genevieve and JC Brock. They met when they were 14 years old, married when they were 18, and had been together ever since. 69 years. 87 and 86 years old in 2014, my grandmother had become sick and soon developed dementia. They wanted to hospitalize her or put her in a nursing home, but my grandad wouldn’t take no for an answer. He had promised her for years that he would always take care of her until the day she went to heaven and well, that’s exactly what he did. He almost didn’t want to believe that his wife, his best friend, his “little darling” was sick. Always told her to “snap out of it” or “you’re just hallucinating again, you’re silly”. Not long after, it became tougher and harder for my grandad to take care of the both of them. My mom had to fly from California to set up hospice care for them. Grandad was upset at first but soon realized it was best for his little darling. One morning, my grandmother had a stroke and it put her into a comatose state. The life that had filled my grandmothers eyes had been turned to a low volume. She lay still in bed, everyday, breathing every few minutes. I watched as everyday, every minute, every second, my grandad had sat by her bedside holding her hand and reassuring her that he was always going to be there. He sang to her, talked to her, kissed her forehead and hands. He never slept, stopped eating, and only drank coffee. He was afraid that she would leave him if he left and he wouldn’t be there to say “I love you” one more time. He knew that time was his enemy. He talked to God a lot, prayed and prayed. Started to forgive, let go, and let god. From that day forward he prayed that he would have a heart attack, drop dead, because he literally could not see himself living one day without the love of his life. I still believe that. He told me “suicide is not an answer. Not an option, because suicide will not get me to my wife, but I am only asking for help, for a favor, for a miracle” .. It broke my heart, but at the same time, brought a light into my life. My grandmother died on October 13, 2014, that night we signed DNR papers for my grandad.. I watched a brave veteran, tough grandad, and loving husband cry for the first time. He threw away all of his heart pills, got rid of all of his food in his house, and started to pack. He sang hymns loudly throughout the day, smiled, and told me he loved me more than he had in years. It sounds crazy, but when you love someone the way he does, and have as much faith as he does, home is right around the corner and he was happier than ever to know he’d be there soon again with his little darling. “ honey, I lived 69 years with that little lady and I don’t want to live one without her. I’ve done my job here, that was to love and protect her. Now what else am I gonna do? Nothing” …. 6 days later, October 19, 2014 my grandad met his bestfriend back in heaven. Love is the most powerful thing in this world my friends. I can’t express to you all enough how important it is and how much someone else’s life can change with it. It took one month, two people, and one irrevocable love, to take me on the best spiritual journey of my life. To reason with the circle of life. To realize how much our world has changed. I’ve never felt closer to myself before and I thank my grandparents for that. If you read this, I hope that you remember that love exists. Don’t ever give up on anything, but most importantly, please remember that it’s okay to slow life down. It’s okay to forget time, work, and money. The small things in life can never be replaced.

William Robertson, September 1925 - April 4th 2015.

I know this may seem pointless. But I just wanted to say I will miss you. I know there are a lot of things about me that you probably wouldn’t approve of if you knew, but hopefully you would have accepted it all the same. I know I did a few things that have made you proud, and I wish I could have seen you before you went. I hope that I can still make you proud after this, that if you were alive for longer you could have seen me grow even more. I know it’s selfish though. You lived a good long life. 89 years. If I end up living that long it’d be a miracle. 

I’ll never forget how when I was a kid, you’d take me to the park around the corner from your house. I felt like I was exploring places never seen before. Maybe that’s influenced me with being a writer, unconsciously over the years. I’ll never forget the way you would use Scotts words in everyday conversation and it would confuse me for years until I saw a poster in your dining room with translations. I thought you were telling me you didn’t care whenever I asked a question, but instead you were saying you didn’t kern, you didn’t know. I’ll never forget how you’d react if we interrupted your favourite TV programmes or the Queen’s speech every christmas. After growing up I understand how annoying it is when people do that when you’re trying to watch something interesting. I’ll never forget the unconditional love you shown us and the smile on your face when you saw me last summer or even the way you breathed, in that rhythmic way that seemed so unusual to me.

There are a hundred things I’ll never be able to tell you now. I will miss you grandad.

This is my grandad who unfortunately passed away a month ago. When I was 3 my nana and him went on holiday and I couldn’t go. So instead he took my toy bunny with him and took a photo with it every where he went and he is my absolute hero.