Donald Joseph Doucette May 26th, 1926 - April 23rd, 2014

It’s been nearly a month since my grandfather passed away.

I never said anything about it or told a lot of people when it happened last month. It was right after Easter on a Wednesday. Earlier that morning my brother asked my parents for my grandfather’s phone number for no real out-of-the-ordinary reason. The two of them, I was told, had a wonderful conversation. My mom also called and talked to him that morning- a thing she did all the time.

I was told my grandfather went out to lunch that day and had a great time with an old friend of his. The day, from what I know, sounded like any other. It was a good day and my grandfather was happy.

Grampy had been hospitalized many times for many reasons in his life, and even more so towards the end of it. From infections to life threatening problems of all shapes and sizes, my grandfather went through hell and back. There was a time where he even died in the hospital for a short amount of time. I remember him telling us he “Didn’t hear any bells or see any lights”, and he worried God wasn’t interested in him.

On April 23rd, 2014 sometime in the afternoon, my grandfather suddenly lost the ability to breathe properly. His friend, who he’d been to lunch with, was there with him when it happened. Even writing this now, I’m not sure how the entire event went down, but I was told it was quick and didn’t seem painful.

My grandfather was a special man to many. He was a French Canadian man who only received a third grade education. When he moved to the United States he self taught himself the English language. That was always something I boasted about and was impressed with.

I’ve never been really close to any of my relatives. My grandfather was the only one of my “grands” that I really ever knew and was around with more than a handful of times. Before Grampy started getting sicker, we brought him down for family vacations, holidays, and many others. He wasn’t present for a good majority of my life, but the times that I got to share with him in the last few years were all wonderful and special.

I’m glad I got to know you, Grampy. Thank you for all the wonderful times, the gifts, the praise, the love you selflessly gave us. I hope you’re resting well now, and I hope you heard the bells and saw the light this time around.

I love you and I miss you,

Your Granddaughter.

My 할머니& Chapstick; My 할아버지& Lightning

I think every once in a while I will do a tidbit on my grandparents ‘cause I think they’re pretty neat, too. Both of them were born and raised in South Korea, also. They know even less English than my parents. Only little phrases like “thank you”, “hi”, and “good”.


Well, one time, my family and I were on our way to a ski trip. And my lips were chapped, so I took out some Chapstick and applied it to my lips.

My grammy caught me in the act and asked to borrow it, for her skin was dry, too. So I happily handed it over to her.

As soon as she was done applying the Chapstick to her lips, she proceeded to apply it all over her face and hands. She rubbed her hands together and then mushed around the Chapstick chunks evenly across her face.

She then handed my Chapstick back to me. I capped it and carefully placed it into my pocket, trying my hardest not to laugh.

I mean, I guess it’s meant to moisturize your lips, which is skin, so there’s nothing wrong with doing it for your other skin parts, right?

My grammy is very resourceful.


My family and I originally lived in Delaware, and my dad built our house. I still think it’s the greatest house to this day, other than the ants coming in mysteriously during the summer time once in a while.

And I remember when I was little, I’d always see my grandpa sitting outside on the porch whenever there was a lightning storm. He’d just sit there quietly, watching the lightning flash and create very loud thunder some seconds later. A cigarette would also be in his mouth, the smoke gently floating up and away.

I thought the storms were completely terrifying. I hated them. But my curiosity about my grandpa’s behavior was particularly strong that day, and I ventured out into the porch where he was sitting.

I asked him, “What’re you doing?”

He said, “I’m watching the lightning.”

I asked, “Why?”

He said, “I like it. It’s very pretty.”

Then I just stood alongside his white plastic chair, watching the lightning with him, despite my fear.

tygermama said:

reading the description of Grampy when he wakes up and his insistence on seeing his family and the emphasis on seeing their Significant Others as well has me thinking... Is Grampy an inveterate matchmaker? if he wakes up and someone in his family is Single is this a Bad Thing That He Can Fix? Is there embarassment and hilarity and a higher than statistically probable success rate?


Yeah, “inveterate matchmaker” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The whole mess that was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?  Dracula knew Maria was Adrian/Alucard’s destined mate and knew that a Good Quest was the best way to throw those two together. It would make Adrian less broody and grumpy and bring out his son’s much-missed smile.

D? Dracula is still working on that son.  D is a bit stubborn though.

There’s a reason why Steve is Grampy’s favorite grandson (okay, Bucky is his favorite too, but he loves teasing his baby Iacov because baby Iacov always gives him the annoyed kitten look when he does and it reminds Grampy of his own lost darling from long ago).  Admittedly, Grampy was a bit thrown that his Iacov’s mate happened to be a boy but he liked Steve from the very beginning and saw that his grandson had chosen well and was a lot more sensible about this than his father ever was. 

And we know Grampy was prepared to bring Steve over if his “mortal frailties” overcame him. 

The girls? Okay, so Becky is in a bit of trouble because she’s never married so that’s going to be a Problem.  Sophia misses her own husband quite fiercely but Grampy Disapproves of Cesare for Reasons.  That’s going to be an argument right there.  Vicky had gotten married and later divorced and Grampy will have to hunt down her Ex for a Talk.  Vicky’s going to have an argument with Grampy over that too.

Grampy may have expressed interest in adopting the other Avengers, especially Tony.  He disapproves of what Howard Stark did to his son, a LOT.

"EEP!" is the only sane reaction Tony has had to that news.

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