The Peace Pagoda was amazzzing this morning :)

Had quite a challenge figuring our way through the dark morning and finally realized that the Pagoda isn’t even a building. When we found the right place we only have about an hour to spend with Jun-san. The first 40 minutes were spent playing hand drums while she chanted and the last 20 were spent circling the property, honoring those who past and Buddha.

As we left she gratefully described us as “so peaceful” and gave us each parting gifts of fresh fruit. What a way to start my morning, I feel so blessed to have this wonderful place relatively so close by! That will not be the last time I visit there.

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Ceremony at Grafton

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Hiroshima Day Ceremony, Grafton Peace Pagoda

August 11
Saturday about 50 people joined Junsan and participants from the month long “No More Fukushimas Walk” around Lake Ontario in a three mile walk from Grafton Center to the Grafton Peace Pagoda. Following the walk was the annual Hiroshima Day ceremony at the Pagoda.

After placing lanterns around the pagoda, the group shared in interfaith prayers from members of the Buddhist, Hindi, Catholic, Muslim and Native traditions.

Cecile Pineda author of Devil’s Tango, How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step shared passages from her book.

After a moving evening people were invited to come to the Peace Tree Ceremony at the Leverett Pagoda the following morning.

Message via Jun san

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

Unless the United States is reformed peacefully, peace will not come to the world. As the original inhabitants of this country, First Nation Peoples have a responsibility to help change America’s pattern of mistaking power for justice, which has created a dishonorable history. As victims of the atom bomb, Japanese people also share this Karmic responsibility to help change the way of thinking of the United States at this time when humanity faces annihilation. Thus, we must join with First Nation Peoples to open a new path of existence for the United States—a peaceful and sacred way of life for all humanity. Let us rise together.               (Venerable Nichidatsu Fuji, August 12, 1978)

Dear Friends of Grafton Peace Pagoda,
Since we first came to this land we have seen many snow-filled winters, many springs sweet with apple flower blossoms, and many autumns filled with the brilliant red of the changing maple leaves. Our lives too have seen many changes: children we knew as babies now have babies of their own; many of you are now grandparents who were young men and women when we first met.

All through those years we have organized countless peace walks, walking the earth and praying together for peace. For nine years leading up to the completion of Grafton Peace Pagoda, so many neighbors, fellow peace walkers, and friends from around the world came to help with the construction. We worked together as one, using recycled wood and mixing concrete by hand, and the Peace Pagoda was finally inaugurated in 1993.

We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our beloved Peace Pagoda at 11am on Saturday, October 5, 2013.

In the 20 years since the inauguration, we have welcomed visitors from all over the world. People of all different faiths and ancestries have joined with us here for countless ceremonies and commemorations. Every day, friends come and go like the breeze. Twenty years also marks the cycle of one generation. As a new generation comes of age, we want to transmit our message of peace to them and share the story of how the Peace Pagoda arose on this land. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the 20 together.

Bowing Three Times,
Jun Yasuda

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Sunrise ceremony @ Grafton
Buddha’s Birthday, 2014

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