In honor of Nick Vito Santangelo, a good photographer and even better friend, 1962-2014.  Almost a decade ago - in 2005 - my buddy Nick, known to the photo community as NickSan, photographed this graffiti in the Women’s Ward Pavilions at Seaview Sanatorium (now Sea View Hospital) on Staten Island.  Normally, graffiti in an abandoned building annoys me, but there was something that drew me to this - and to his other photos of the 4 pavilions, all seemingly completely undisturbed for 4+ decades, besides this bit of paint and a few footprint trails.  I made a trip the very next week, in early winter, walking right behind an ambulance staffed by paramedics on their lunch break, jumped the fence, and spent all day inside.  Here’s to you, Nick - you were an inspiration to us all.

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