"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons"


I would absolutely consider myself a caffeine addict. However, as I always search for what my taste buds deem most satisfying, a more accurate statement would be that I am a coffee lover. And not in the sense that I believe that America Runs on Dunkin’ or that I simply drink copious amounts of the stuff (but lets face it, I do); but that it truly excites me to find a great coffee experience.

Generally, I have a love affair with cold brewed coffee – Toddy as it is also referred to. Although it is an iced beverage, traditional iced coffee doesn’t come close to the flavor cold extraction produces. Thus, it has become my favorite, even in the bitter cold. Of all the cold brews I have had the pleasure of enjoying, Grady’s Coffee Concentrate has stolen my heart. Produced in Brooklyn, NY in the New Orleans style, it almost has a chocolaty quality that is addictive itself, and has me frequenting Whole Foods at times solely to get a bottle of liquid gold, and nothing else. Added benefit? Cold brewing coffee retains MORE caffeine than its hot counterpart.  

In #queens behaving badly on a #sunday morning. My ice coffee made with my newest #favorite product @gradyscoldbrew w/ #coconutmilk and a little #honey .. I then had nerve to add a scoop of @stevesicecream ‘Sunday Morning’ which is #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #buttered #maple syrup icecream w/ gf #waffle pieces .. Oh and a splash of @titosvodka .. And like 1/2 lbs #applewood #smoked #bacon by #rinwoodranch all for my piggy self.. Come over! There’s plenty to go around. Xo ❤️ by shanjohn21 http://ift.tt/1CG9Pnj