i really hope that if in s3 of graceland they take the mike faking his death route that when he finally comes back to graceland it’ll be like that one time when mike thought johnny was dead and johnny comes running to mike and he’s crying and he hugs him really tight and mike says “dude is that a tear? im touched. you really thought i was dead?” and just smirks like the dweeb he is and johnny punches him or something and they laugh a little and then johnny hugs him so tight he can’t get away

Graceland Season 2

After much thought about this past season, I’ve decided that this season of Graceland focused on the flaws of each of the members of the house.

Paul: Blind to those Close to Him

Paul Briggs is a great agent, don’t get me wrong. He is always one step ahead of the game. But he can’t fool everyone. He didn’t fool Charlie, nor did he fool Mike with his whole Odin thing. He thought he could continue to outsmart them, but the ones closest to him aren’t blind to what he’s doing. They know him too well. i.e. Charlie having the tape.

Mike: Missing the Pieces in the Big Picture

Mike’s entire focus this season was the big picture: bringing down the cartel. Which makes him a great agent, because he makes sure to account for everything. He just doesn’t account for the fact that other people maybe moving pieces in his picture. The sex trafficking and Sid were pieces in this picture. And he didn’t account for Sid moving his own pieces, which lead to his downfall. 

Paige: Hyperfocus

Paige, Paige, my dear Paige. I love her. I still love her, I just don’t like her actions. She sees the people before the cause unless they do wrong and then she sees nothing but their bad traits. She hyperfocused on Lena, missing the fact that Mike was trying to save all of the girls. And then she hyperfocused on Mike’s “bad qualities” when they were never towards her. Mike was simply assuring Lena’s family. It wasn’t a giant ploy to deceive Paige, but she took it in that manner. 

Charlie: Faulty Trust

Charlie trusts the household willingly and even her CIs. But as it did with Amber, it can come back to bite her. Charlie also puts trust in Paul to come to her about the tape only to have to keep Paul from killing Mike. She trusts so fully that she is sometimes slow to catch a person’s real thoughts and motives.

Johnny: No Boundaries

Oh, Johnny Johnny Johnny. We already knew he had boundary issues when he slept with the pot farmer last season. But now we see it at a whole new level. Johnny’s trying his best, and I understand that. But he brings his mother into a case and then brings Lucia into his cover to bring down her father and brother. Johnny blurs professional and personal life way too easily.

Jakes: Lacks Seeing the Importance of Graceland 

Now, I had a hard time honestly finding a true flaw for Jakes, because in the tough situations, he’s always the logical. Now, he’s flaw may not get him into serious trouble like the others, but it does cause turmoil in his life. In any other career, putting your family first would be fine, but with Graceland, where your cover outside of the house is everything, he fails to see the importance of Graceland. This would then develop the dilemma he has with his son and trying to be a father while staying an agent. 

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alone we lose control [graceland]
by Cassaravi - me


to h o m e and the people that matter. // graceland used to be a safe haven, you know? for all of us. i don’t know when, but we l o s t that.

1x12 // 2x10