Caption: CTA streetcars on a special trip for railfans two weeks before the end of streetcar service in Chicago. Both photos were taken on Irving Park Road alongside Graceland Cemetery.

In the top photo, a CTA trolley bus, running on electrical power from overhead wires, passes the streetcars In the background is the L (today’s Red Line), just west of Sheridan.


May 1954

Photos by Bill Hoffman (Wien-Criss Archive)

therussiankat asked:

Mike Warren being great at keeping cover and holding character when on a job but DREADFUL at little white lies. Like if he used the last of the milk and someone asked him, he would try and say 'no' but would go red and flustered and start rambling some ridiculous story about milk theives

you sent me this just as i went to class so i forgot to respond but omg yes, like in life or death situations he’s good but give him something little to hide and he’s like [NERVOUS LAUGHING]