Gleaner Writer RECKORD on WHYLIE
“You can’t capture the totality of Marjorie Whylie (a St. Andrew High School Trailblazer) in a phrase, not even if it refers to her as “a national treasure”. That one was used in a recent Gleaner article by music scholar Herbie Miller.

You can’t capture her in a sentence either, even one like: “She is a multitalented musicologist, pianist, percussionist, jazz singer and academician.” That sentence was written by the equally multifaceted Rex Nettleford, late artistic director of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC).

Photo: Marjorie Whylie is photographed left of the late Princess Diana in Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Whylie’s 2005 GKF Lecture Series can be viewed here.

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