Look what arrived in the mail today! It fits perfectly and is super comfortable and it’s probably my new favorite thing to wear. Despite of being sick af, I jumped around like a crazy person when my mom came into the house with the package in her hand.

Why? Because let me tell you something: a very awesome person bought this shirt for me when I said I can’t buy it, so she insisted on buying it for me because she said I have to have it since its limited. that very awesome person is highwaytohelbig, aka kiersten. thank you so much <3 go send her some love because she’s the best human ever.

gracehelbig, your fandom is filled with very cool people, hope you know that. also, cool merch. ok bye.

Please Read: Ideas on VidCon and Dealing with the Issue of Assault

In light of recent events, and having been an attendee of VidCon this past year (and hopefully in the future), I’ve been thinking a lot about what could possibly be done at conventions (any, not just VidCon, this is just YouTube themed because of recent happenings) to combat an implosion like this from happening again.  I’ve talked at length with friends about this, but we came up with a big fat nothing in the area of prevention, for many reasons.  First off, if you tried to cut creators off from fans, you’re lumping them all in with the likes of Sam Pepper, keeping them from underage, impressionable youth just in case they set up illegal, after-hours meet ups.  Secondly, coming at it from the other side, VidCon is so massive that it is literally impossible to fathom controlling the masses of screaming fans.  Either way a huge selling point of VidCon (and YouTube itself) has always been accessibility…any and all scraps of ideas we were able to scrounge up infringed upon that somehow and I for one don’t plan on letting someone like Sam Pepper ruin the experience of a convention like that.

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Dear Grace,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for being the best human being someone could possibly ever be. Thanks for making us laugh, thanks for helping us, thanks for loving us. I am so proud to call you my idol and I just wanted to let you know that we ALL love you, don’t ever forget that.

Have the best day ever!

Sincerely, your dumb dumbs.