Let’s Talk About Movies: The Legacy of the 1950s

“I don’t believe you want to go to the theater to see somebody you can see next door.” - Joan Crawford, 1950.

Away from the new wave of anarchic performers, there were still a number of stars in the glamorous Hollywood tradition, such as Ava Gardner, Susan Hayward, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Rock Hudson, and Audrey Hepburn. Three names from an earlier era made sensational comebacks” Bette Davis played a fading actress in All About Eve (1950). Judy Garland played her greatest role in A Star Is Born (1954) and Ingrid Bergman returned to Hollywood to win an Oscar for Anastasia (1956). However, the iconic images of Brando in leather, astride a motorcycle in The Wild One, the boyish blond features of rebellious James Dean, and the wide eyes of pin-up idol Marilyn Monroe, who did not live much beyond the end of the decade, remain the predominant US movie symbols of the 1950s. The ghosts of the decade are still there to haunt us.

BOX OFFICE HITS OF THE 1950s: Lady and The Tramp (1955), Peter Pan (1953), Cinderella (1950), The Ten Commandments (1956), Ben-Hur (1959), Sleeping Beauty (1959), Around the World in Eighty Days (1956), This Is Cinerama (1952), South Pacific (1958), The Robe (1953)

source: The Film Book


my top ten list of beautiful old hollywood actresses that were big in the 50′s :) (note that these are in no order whats so ever) :)

10-Elizabeth Taylor

9.Audrey Hepburn

8.Ava Gardner

7.Marilyn Monroe

6.Grace Kelly

5.Jane Russell

4.Kim Novak

3.Joan Collins

2.Jayne Mansifield

1.Sophia Loren


“Have you any idea at all why you have an obsession with this kind of woman?” (in regards to the icy Hitchcock blondes in most of his films)

“I’m only obsessed because I don’t believe in stamping the woman with the word ‘sex’ all over her. I think it should be discovered in the course of our getting acquainted with her. It’s more interesting for this thing to be not apparent. In other words we don’t have to have the sex hanging round her neck like baubles.” - Alfred Hitchcock