whatever you do just don’t imagine johanna going to visit peeta in district 13 before he joins the star squad and she greets him by saying “hey there, little fucker” and he doesnt answers her because he is too busy trying to clear up his mind and johanna tries to get his attention again “going to join the girl on fire?” and he whispers “yeah, i guess” and she laughs sitting in his bed. before he leaves the bedroom  she says “are you okay?” and he turns to her and says “yeah, yeah” and she says “good luck over there, lover boy” and he gives her a weak smile and she feels a really strange feeling because peeta was basically the only person she had on the capitol and she realized she was crying because she could lost two of her only friends in that godamn mission


Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason Capitol Citizen Living Portraits at Comic Con 2014