This headhunter is the death of me.

You guys think Brick needed his tuxedo t-shirt to slow dance with Lilith so she won’t have to think about missing Roland? Say yes.

Mordecai: You take the left, I'll take the right...
Brick: Your left or mine?
Mordecai: ....

In the end, they proceeded to kill everything with no strategy because Mordecai couldn’t decide who’s left; his or Brick’s. 


Before the tuxedo shirt, I had “Bear Hugs" Brick.

There’s alot of bad vibes going around lately, when friend or I have bad times, I make Brick wear shirt, and made happy things come. Bless the Slab King.


HELP. I can’t stop. I need angry boy band Axton in my life. UGHHHHH

Also I feel like Gaige would be the only one who’d spazz out like this because teenage hormones plus sexy hair isn’t a good combo. I’m gonna do more of these with the everyone else….

Free Borderlands iPhone 5/5s/5c wallpapers. From my Character/Color Meme palettes.

Just thought I’d make some of these since I’ve had the pastel Axton one on my phone for a long time and it looks really nice. :) They look best if you have reduce motion off or perspective set off.

Lemme know if you’re using them! Also if you’d like one sized for iPhone 4s or any other kind of phone, don’t be shy to ask me, It’s no trouble to resize one for your phone!


When my sister and I started playing Borderlands 2, she’s Zero, I’m Axton, we finally noticed the wanted posters around certain places. After I saw how low Axton’s was, I started calling him the “clearance bounty.” for kicks. And Zero’s just there to troll his bro and brag how he’s more expensive.

I’ll never draw these two seriously. Never.


It’s been really hot over here. I go outside for a sec, I can already feel the sweat creeping. summertime sadness..