In cultural conversations about trans people, the wide diversity of gender identities beyond “trans woman” and “trans man” largely go unmentioned.

This reality exists, in part, because undergoing a gender transition is often viewed by cisgender (nontrans) people as an act made in direct defiance of the male/female gender binary. However, the fact remains that many trans folks simply identify as a “man” or a “woman” — with “trans” acting a descriptive adjective or a note on their history. This means trans people too can have binary gender identities.

"Nonbinary" is a common community term for trans people who do not fit neatly into this picture. There are other words too, each with multiple definitions forged by the individuals who live these complex gender identities.

Though the photos below feature individuals with gender presentations on the masculine side of the spectrum or who may fluctuate along different points of the spectrum on a given day or week, nonbinary people can also identify on the feminine side of the spectrum or somewhere in between.

Photographer Dave Naz’s new book, Genderqueer: And Other Gender Identities, shines a light on this topic, drawing on the appeal of visual art to explain in ways that words alone cannot. In the book, he accompanies essays by trans and genderqueer writers like Ignacio Rivera, Jenny Factor, and Morty Diamond with vibrant pictures of people who identify as, according to a statement, “transgender, intersex, pangender, and every shade in between.”

[INFO] Bobby To Have A Special Performance at GQ Korea's 'MEN OF THE YEAR' Opening Party


Every December, through ‘MEN OF THE YEAR’, <GQ KOREA> chooses and reveals the most outstanding and extraordinary men of the year.

This year, there will be an exhibition commemorating ‘MEN OF THE YEAR’ where you can see winners from 2014 and winners from 2001 until now. Before the exhibition on the 5th, there will be an opening party on the 4th at the Holim Art Center JNB Gallery. Bobby, one of the winners of ‘2014 MEN OF THE YEAR’, will have a special performance, along with DJ Soulscape and Plastic Kid.

Date: December 4th (Thursday) 7 pm
Location: Holim Art Center, lower level JNB Gallery
Performances: Bobby, DJ Soulscape, Plastic Kid

Trans by Eun & Kamji for iKON Global

The whole point of having police officers is to maintain law and order, which means they become useless when they decide to arm themselves like a bunch of space soldiers in Halo, roam the streets, aim their rifles at everyone they see, and choke out asthmatic black men. This is bad police work! This is not how you police. We’d be better off arming our cops with lollipops.
—  GQ Magazine

Des Rosiers