on your computer

  • Install QMee
    QMee is one of my personal favourites. It isn’t something that takes up your time like a GPT website; it’s just a browser addon that runs in the background. When you search for things (usually online shopping related), sometimes QMee “sponsored results” will show alongside your regular search results. You earn a little bit of money from each one you click on - typically $0.06-$0.18
    You can instantly withdraw your earnings via PayPal with no minimum!
  • Put ads on your tumblr
    I recommend Chitika. They’re far less strict than Google AdSense, and their ads are easily customisable (size, colour, layout…). Plus, they won’t randomly ban you without reason like AdSense has done to me.
    Keep your ads small and unobtrustive, but make sure they’re visible. Take my blog for example. I put ads under my posts on each page, and under my post but before the notes on my permalink pages.
    You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal at a $10 minimum.
  • Use SwagBucks
    I think most people have a SwagBucks account by now. If you don’t, sign up for one. If you do, make sure you use it!
    SwagBucks is arguably the most popular GPT (get paid to) site out there right now. Assignments on SwagBucks include clicking links, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, and even printing out coupons.
    You can withdraw your earnings from SwagBucks via PayPal at a $25 minimum. They have a HUGE selection of gift cards, though, so you can redeem for a $5 gift card long before you reach 2500 SwagBucks.
  • Sign up for SendEarnings
    SendEarnings is a GPT site with hella high payouts ($5 just for signing up even!), but they can get spammy with the emails. I suggest using a new email address for it or opting out of emails in your settings.
    Their minimum payout is $30, via mailed check.
  • Sign up for Bing Rewards
    Free gift cards for searching for shit on Bing. They have a pretty wide selection of gift cards, but I mainly use them for their wide variety of xbox cards. They have Amazon cards, too, along with plenty of other companies. Points can also be redeemed for coupons or sweepstakes entries, namely for free Xbox Ones.
    Use Bing to search for 60 things a day (there’s no timer, you can keep keysmashing and searching) and earn 30 points per day. 30 points translates to a bit under $0.30. Just by “searching” on Bing you can earn a few $5 Amazon cards each month.
  • Complete HITs on Amazon Turk
    This is a lot of actual transcription and proofreading work.  Transcribe files, receipts, etc… and get paid.
    Payouts are through Amazon Payments, a minimum of 10 days after you complete your first HIT (job).  Withdraw a minimum of $1 from Amazon Payments to your bank account or as Amazon gift cards.

on your devices (phones, tablets, iPods…)

  • Install FreeMyApps
    I LOVE FreeMyApps - I use it on both my real iPhone and my old iPhone. You earn points by installing free apps to your phone and opening them for 30 seconds. As soon as your points go through feel free to delete the app. Since it requires so little attention I’m usually idly earning on FreeMyApps while using tumblr, watching TV, or applying my makeup.
    You can redeem your points for gift cards codes for Amazon, iTunes, Visa, Google Play, XBox, Playstation, Steam, Starbucks, Best Buy, Skype, RedBox, and more, at a $1 minimum (Amazon). They also do a limited time “Gift Card Of The Week” you can redeem for, which could be anything from PayPal to League of Legends.
    It’s available for Apple devices iOS 6 or later, and Android devices 2.3 or later.
  • Use AppNana
    Make sure you enter my referral code during signup - m7199678 - to get 2,500 free “Nanas” (their currency).
    AppNana works much like FreeMyApps, but the one advantage it has is readily available PayPal codes, with a $5 minimum.
    It’s only available on iOS.
  • Install the SwagBucks TV app
    Log in with your SwagBucks account and let the videos autoplay on your phone while you sleep.  The max is 50 SB a day.
    Available for iOS and in the Google Play store.

important info

  • Use /r/GiftCardExchange to trade/sell gift cards
    I love the community on this subreddit. When I get too impatient waiting to earn enough for a Visa prepaid card on FreeMyApps I usually end up redeeming a $1-$5 Amazon GC and sell it for 85% price for PayPal here. There’s a huge market for Amazon gift cards.
  • ALWAYS use a dummy email address when completing surveys
    Sign up for a new gmail or hotmail before doing offers through GPT sites. Use the fake email whenever you’re signing up for a paid offer or completing a survey. (then notice how much spam that email account gets and be thankful you didn’t use your real email)

I’ll update this semi-frequently with more shit - so check back :)

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me off anon so that I can privately answer!!! good luck getting paid to sit at your computer :)

Okay, so on July 9th Ravi tweeted this~

and 12 hours ago he tweeted,GPT.

GPT on the Hangul keyboard layout is 헷.

헷(het) is like the sound of a slight chuckle or laugh in Korean.

Wtf is this dude hinting at or does he think he’s a funny bitch?


Bio-Tech Skyscraper City - GPT Architecture

Responding to climate change and the needs for sustainable architecture, this concept for a hyper-environmental skyscraper takes inspiration from squids to produce a concept that features an outer facade of photovoltaic ‘umbrella’ pads that absorb sunlight, as well as a means of harvesting rainwater. In addition, double-layered glass covers the exterior to provide precise temperature controls to protect the interior environment. 

Stretching down the entire height is a central column that channels wind downward via three rooftop panels that maximise air flow regardless of which direction the wind blows from. Vegetation grows near the top of this shaft and spreads down the tower. 

Overall the design is imagined as a 3D city in which many types of urban space are packed throughout the layered structure. 

Sourced from: Architizer