GPOYW - The goofy grey morning edition.

Not really much to say (hence the lack of posts recently). We’ve just been enjoying the Fall and our day to day routine. 

Happy October y’all.

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That one time NASA Chief Administrator (and former astronaut) Charlie Bolden and I engaged in a discussion about space exploration, the importance of science literacy/STEM, communicating science, and persevering through adversity…



…amidst a crowd of 400+ at Washington DC’s National Academy of Sciences Building for a special screening of the film I’ve been handling all the PR/media outreach for, "I want to be an Astronaut, which became the first film to ever achieve an “orbital premiere” 230+ miles up aboard the International Space Station to an audience of 3: members of the Expedition 38/39 astronaut crew.


Filmmaker David Ruck and I have been collaborating with scientists, aerospace agencies, STEM institutions, space exploration non-profits, and among others, astronauts, in screening this film around the country toward a simple but profound goal:

To tell the story of going…and remind everyone what NASA means to the world, reignite those dreams again, and explore space together.
— David Ruck (Director) and Rich Evans (Public Relations)

On the evening that this exchange between Charlie Bolden, the other panel members, and myself took place, it was July 16; a nostalgic time for celebration and reflection. This date marked the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the American Astronautical Society’s 60th Anniversary, and preceding the showing of our film, the AAS presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to NASA/JPL’s Edward Stone, who not only serves as Professor of Physics at Cal Tech, but remains the Lead Project Scientist for the Voyager spacecraft — humanity’s furthest robotic space exploring vessels.


You can indulge in some other memorable highlights from the evening with David Ruck’s introduction of the film, photo sets here and here, as well as my collective overview of the event, which includes a #spaceselfie of cosmic proportions…


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