So last night i put wave enhancing pomade and conditioner in after i showered, because without fail, that shit makes my hair curly as fuck. I was not disappointed. Today i was going for:

 Sad but Cute 

i think it worked, no makeup and color coordinated sweats. (not that sweats are bad or color coordination is better or something, i’m not a snob, you do you.)

the first pic is feat. nipple and the last is feat Pepe

Cold. Need a shower. Smell like garlic and dish water. Hands hurt. Weepy as fuck. Missing missing missing. Feeling old and a little hopeless, but assuming I’m still in post CHSH slump, so telling myself to STFU and get on with it. With what exactly? Work. Lila. Household. Work. Lila. Household. I miss there being space in there for loving a partner. More than I even care to admit. I like my eyes. Even when they look haunted. I have nice hands. They’re very soft, and getting stronger. My mouth is so kissable and speaks mostly with kindness, even when with sarcasm. I am enough. Keep telling yourself that, kiddo. It’ll stick eventually.