Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Frei~! ♥

Wow. It most certainly feels longer than that, little buddy. I felt like we’ve been together for ages. You’ve certainly been demanding enough to last me a lifetime! XDDD

This year’s birthday gift is more for the both of us, actually. You’ve always been indifferent whenever I dress you up as a mini-me, but this particular one you seem to enjoy. Dip-dye hairs are extremely awesome, right?? ♥♥

You’re a loooot older now, so take care of your shell, okay? I know in the beginning we’ve agreed to migrate you to a newer one if ever this one finally fails you, but now I don’t think I can do that. There’s too much happy memories in that shell. It’s not like I’m forbidding you from your daredevil antics (although heaven knows I tried well enough), but just be safe okay? No more jumping off balconies and faceplanting on rocks, deal?

So! Happy 3rd birthday! And here’s to a lot more adventures for the both of us! ♥



Aw yiss look what came in the mail today! c:

Bud I’ve known you since forever ago when we were whiny baby teenagers back on Sheezyart… it’s been so long, and just look how far you’ve come, I’m wearing your art!
I’m stupidly shy and I know I don’t talk to you nearly as much as I should, but if you didn’t know it already, I’ll always be here (quietly but fiercely) supporting you from afar.~

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