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for the first two years of university I suffered from crippling depression and anxiety -- never left my house, talked to no one -- and my marks suffered IMMENSELY as a result. I'm so scared that my GPA is unsalvageable... there's nothing i want more than to go to med school, and I've never had issues with doing well specifically -- now that I'm feeling like my old self, I'm an A student again. do you have any advice for someone like me?

Hi there anon!

What you have been through is so important, and medical schools recognize this. On the AMCAS application, there are sections left blank where an individual can write a brief essay, a couple sentences to explain different aspects of themselves. This ranges from a police record to poor grades. I definitely encourage you to use the section to explain parts of your GPA that you feel need explaining. I did, because I felt it was important to let them that my failures were part of the process of my journey to medicine. 

So do not fear! I’m so proud of you for getting back on your feet! Keep going, you can do it!

We really need to dismantle the idea that Affirmative Action is responsible for getting black kids into colleges. It’s dismissive and alienating to disregard all the hard work we put in to stand out against our peers. We don’t submit proof of blackness and get a full ride, we aren’t exempt from standardized testing and high GPAs. Instead of blaming affirmative action, you need to come to the realization that you’re mad at black people succeeding. 

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I have always been interested in Computer Science since I was in 6th grade. It's an amazing course. I've made a calculator that can calculate your GPA as well an app that asks you question and gathers that data and presents it to the user. Right now my upcoming senior year they are offering Computer Science and I will take it. I hope more and people are willing to try CS!

Us too! 

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Hi Katharine, i REALLY must get into a med school without a gap year soon (for personal reasons). I'm a junior right now and rushing through things to graduate ASAP. I know I won't be getting into any impressive med schools because of my gpa. In fact, it'll be a miracle if I get into any, according to many people I've talked to. But, there's no stopping me. Considering I've a year left to apply (Still have to take the MCAT - 2015!). What would you say I should focus the most on? thanks!

Definitely focus on adding things to your application that make you a unique applicant—especially if your GPA is a weak point. You want something that really gets your foot in the door and keeps it there. Make yourself memorable by doing something maybe not everyone has done—so sure everyone volunteers but did you run a new branch of the volunteer organization? Everyone does research, but did you give presentations for your lab at a national conference?? Those sorts of things that are a bit more unique may help you stand out.

You may also want to balance a weaker GPA with a really strong MCAT score to prove you have the academic ability. It will just make an application committee feel more comfortable about your abilities.

I guess I’m pretty fortunate to have been able to land several research jobs even with insufficient experience. Here are some things my employers told me (including the universities that have hired me) about employment

NOTE: Please understand that I’m basing this off my experience and it might or might not work for y’all!

  • Your GPA is NOT that important. Trust me, I don’t have a perfect 4.0 and they really don’t care too much if you do. If you have it, kudos! You’ve been working very hard to get to 4.0 status. Of course let’s not forget that graduate programs do look at GPA’s and have GPA requirements. Don’t let your GPA become a source of your insecurity and define you.
  • Interpersonal skills matter. Remember to develop great interview skills. Show your passion and how great your personality is during the job interview. Its not just getting a job but they also want to see how your personality will somehow enhance the work environment…professionalism is number 1 though so find a good balance.
  • Remember that saying “Its not what you know, its who you know?” Yeah. Its a mantra that I live by.
  • ALWAYS ASK “What do you look for in future employees in your company/lab/etc?”
  • Don’t let them see you sweat. What I mean is that don’t leave any disclaimers such as “Sorry, I’m so nervous” and such. They don’t know that so don’t make them nervous! 
  • Build your resume early. Do some internships. Do a lot of job hunting. Spend several Sunday looking through job listings and such. Do not wait until college is done. 
  • Of course, another important point: Office hours = prime time to get to know your professors and their research and such. Let them get to know you as a student and as a person.

nastypass replied to your post “why is my brain so terrible at math i just want to have the ability to…”

are you bad at math in general or just arithmetic? because the latter can be powered through if you try hard enough and use a calculator for everything

i am terrible at arithmetic and geometry (? it’s been a few years) but genuinely enjoy math i just. make a lot of simple errors because i get numbers mixed up while i’m writing or see them wrong and screw it up b/c of that and b/c numbers are difficult for me to process and keep in my head? i’ve been trying pretty hard and having a good time in my math classes!  it’s just the first 2 years of hs i failed algebra and then got a c in geometry so it kind of screws w/ my chances of getting into college engineer type deals w/o having to transfer in later and also screwed w/ my gpa.  calculators are a huge gift for simple arithmetic but i forget to use them for Everything so i still mess up on the really simple stuff oops. but yeah!  i really like it i’m just frustrated at my first two years and the college thing mostly. thank you though i will try to keep the always calculator thing in mind for even the really easy stuff

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Hi! I live in the US but I'd dearly like to attend university in England, could you please give me a basis for the whole process? How much will it cost in comparison to studying local? What are some good English schools beside Oxbridge? What are some obstacles id have to deal with, and is there any sort of financial aid for international students?

Applying to an international school is a little bit different than in America.

I can’t tell you the exact process or cost because it depends so much on each individual school. They all require the same application though: The Universities and College Admissions ServiceThey have similar academic standards. They want to see a nice GPA, a rigorous high school course load, good test scores, etc.

The average annual tuition of £8,647, which is almost $14K USD. For international students, the average is more than $16K. The financial aid depends on each individual university. You will have to ask an adviser what options they have for international student financial aid.

Oxbridge is actually referring to two universities: University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. You should decide what you’re interested in studying, and then pick the school who is best at that area. So if you’re interested in biology, you should go to the school with the best Biology program. Click here for a ranked list of UK universities.

Other stuff:
You need to be pretty certain about your degree. If you’re not sure what you want to major in, going to the UK, isn’t a good idea. Their students have to choose an area of study immediately because they don’t have the freshman/sophomore core class buffer zone. You start working on your major immediately.

You will need to apply for a student visa once you’ve been accepted and proven you can pay tuition.

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3.6 GPA at ole miss doesnt mean anything hun... ole miss could be the easiest school in the south, girls are there for their mrs degrees and those who arent wont get anywhere with ole miss on their resume

Haha whatever you say. First off, don’t call me Hun. And 2nd off its still a college and the classes are still challenging. My GPA is from my last school. If you’ve never gone here or have taken a class here then you should probably not say anything! I don’t really care what your opinion on my GPA or school is! Someone could have a 4.0 at a “better” school and not have any people skills and won’t be able to land an interview. I don’t need you to try to discourage me and I’d love to see your proof since I’ve looked up the percentages of people hired from ole miss with my degree. Also it is a good school in so many areas, did you know our accounting school is #4 in the US? My accounting teacher is an ole miss grad and was an accountant for one of the biggest corporations in the world. You must be really happy at your school!

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Where do you get all that motivation to finish these assignements... Like I don't even wanna get up in the morning for two classes ;_;

im in second year double major, i fucked up 2 courses last year i can’t afford to fuck up anymore, you gotta keep that gpa high cause it’s accumilative yfm

also, i skip classes all the time, classes are zzz, just know the content and review the proff’s site

as well it feels good to see your mark, like yeah i didn’t sleep for 2 days but hey look i did good on the last assignment 

good luck, i believe in you