Things I am looking forward to in S4
  • Finding out who “the other one” is and what happened to her/him;
  • Seeing the second, and probably darker, half of Mary Morstan’s story arc;
  •  Finally understanding who Mary is, what she’s been up to, and what she wants now;
  • Molly and Lestrade dancing around each other;
  • Moriarty vs Sherlock, round two (presumably);
  • The Holmes’;
  • Sherlock’s angst about John;
  • John’s angst about Sherlock;
  • some casual violence from John, because he was a soldier, in case you’ve forgotten, he knows how to sprain people;
  • Billy doing some helpful chemistry;
  • If possible, Janine, but that’s mainly because I have a crush on Yasmine Akram (WHO DOESN’T);
  • Sally Donovan;
  • Mrs Hudson butting in and presuming John and Sherlock hooked back up again, and being relieved about that, because aren’t they both happier when they’re together? Why fight it, John?
  • information about John in Sherlock’s mind palace;
  • Sherlock’s mind palace generally! I enjoy Sherlock’s mind palace, it’s terribly revealing;
  • John being very sad, and Sherlock being very sad because John is very sad;
  • Mycroft being withering;
  • more board games;
  • John with no shoes on;
  • Ella (John’s surely going to need her);
  • John moving back into 221b;
  • Whatever cases and twisty plots they come up with!
One is asked a lot in interviews in the press about fans and fandom and the first question that is always asked is “How many freaky fans are there? Are people really unusual? Do you get stalked?” And I feel really passionately that people who are fans of stuff can be extraordinarily creative and it’s an outlet for people. And it’s about love. It’s about having an absolute passion for something and it’s totally without cynicism and something that I think the media could learn from and I think the idea that people can gather in a room and be really positive about something is amazing.
—  Andrew Scott being amazing about fans and fandom at Sherlocked. 
She is the mother figure in many many ways. Una has known me since I was born. She’s friends with my mum and dad. She is the mother figure of the mother ship. She’s 221B’s captain really. She’s extraordinary as a human being, an actress and as a character and it’s just a joy having her there. She’s a beam of twinkly, very naughty light. We just love her.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch at Sherlocked discussing the legendary Una Stubbs

So on one of Moffat’s shows:

There is a brilliant Detective, with a strange name, who solves bizarre mysteries, who is tall, and alien from everyone else – and by this Detective’s side is a Partner of the same gender, who can kick butt, helps the Detective relate to the world around them, and who has a very normal name – and oh yes, they are in love.

And then on the OTHER show you have….