Finally I took some time finishing those two ladies <3

This time I made the flat colors with Copic Markers, and the shadows were done with colored pencils.

I really hope you like it :)

This is also especially dedicated to Garrett Sander, the coolest ghoul out there :) Please visit his tumblr here: http://garrettsander.tumblr.com/

You inspire me a lot, therefore, this is a little thank you from my side. :D

I know I’m a not very well known artist, but I love doing Monster High art so much. It helps me to cool down :) I also love the character designs so much, they are so lovely :)

Rochelle Goyle was my first Monster High doll. She is still my favourite ghoul! :D

Hope you guys like it too!


FANGIRL CHALLENGE: 9/10 male characters
Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter series)

"I don’t need your help! Don’t you understand? I have to do this! I have to kill you… or he’s gonna kill me!"

but i want to know what kind of music people listen to in the wizarding world besides the weird sisters and celestina warbeck like do you expect me to believe the wizarding community never had a boyband phase??


You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart" [x]

hp reread thoughts III: i am very fond of slytherins*
  • firstly, shoutout to marcus flint!!! he seems like a very enterprising young man. everyone stops paying attention to quidditch to watch harry wrestle with his broom in midair and hooch doesn’t actually bother to call time out so guess what??? the game is still happening. and that boy scores like his LIFE depends on it. good on ya kid. it’s gryffindor’s fault that they’re busy trying to save someone’s life to officially pause the game. why should you care about some rando first year who can’t control his broom?? score, marcus!!! score!!!!!
  • ron and malfoy get into a fight at a quidditch match and ron says he blacked malfoy’s eye BUT he says this with a nose that is bleeding PROFUSELY. ronald weasley has FIVE older brothers, draco malfoy is an only child who probably grew up playing with house elves and attending dinners in tiny dress robes, and yet he still managed to punch ron in the face hard enough to give him a nosebleed. he got one up on ron long enough to deliver a solid whack. i don’t really have a point here, i’m just proud and delighted that draco is so enterprising and scrappy 
  • HAVING SAID THAT, i have come to the shocking conclusion that draco malfoy is not very cool (not that we didn’t all know this already). when ron gets bitten by norbert and has to go to the hospital wing with a giant swelled-up hand, malfoy visits him under the pretence of borrowing a book JUST to take the piss. he literally walks from the dungeons to the hospital wing to sit by ron’s bedside and mock him. and then, to top it off, HE ACTUALLY BORROWS THE BOOK. so i assume, at some point, he would have to give the book back. this is the shittest pre-meditated bullying in the history of the world. draco malfoy is a fucking loser
  • he also gets out of bed in the middle of the night and goes wandering around the castle on the off chance he’ll bump into harry and hermione while they’re sneaking about with a crate full of dragon. i would LOVE to know his train of thought for that one. what’s he gonna do when he finds them??? “stay right here potter, i’m going to find a teacher” yeah good one malfoy. there’s a reason none of your little mates would come with you on this outing 
  • so it transpires that harry and draco walked around the forbidden forest together with a dog “for nearly half an hour” and you can fucking bet draco malfoy could not shut up for longer than 30 seconds. what did they talk about??? did they bicker? did they get on?? did they discuss how fucking ridiculous it is that their school seems to think it’s acceptable to allow two 11-year-old children to wander around a so-called “forbidden” forest in the dead of night, unsupervised??? ?? ?
  • so when harry wakes up post-death match with quirrell, he’s been asleep for 3ish days and wakes up just in time for the feast. so dumbledore had roughly THREE DAYS to award harry, hermione, ron and neville their points. everyone in the school knew what had happened and would’ve known what those points were for. the slytherins probably would’ve gone hell for leather trying to get themselves points for things like holding doors open for teachers and volunteering to scrub the floors, but at least they would have seen the gryffindor win coming and been able to ready themselves for disappointment. but instead, INSTEAD, they deck out the hall in slytherin colours, get all the slytherins’ hopes up, and then HAHA! NAH! like literally fuck dumbledore. he just ruined the last night of school for a bunch of children who worked really hard all year to win. say what you want about slytherins but they can’t cheat or lie their way to the most house points, that shit was EARNED. i fucking hate dumbledore’s guts
  • on a merrier note, when slytherin are all cheering and celebrating their win (before it’s snatched away from them by a grown man who should fucking know better), harry looks over at their table to find malfoy and is like “he’s banging his goblet on the table he’s so happy urghrg” and then when gryffindor are all cheering and celebrating their win harry looks over at the slytherins to find malfoy and is like “haha malfoy looks really sad” like for fuck’s sake harry draco malfoy is not the barometer by which you measure your life please find your chill

*draco malfoy