The place where many workers still imagine they live:

' Toyota’s 2500 factory workers will vote next week on the redundancy packages they will receive when the Altona facility closes at the end of 2017.'

Excuse me?

' Toyota is in the process of establishing language translation services and resume writing services for all workers, as well as appointing career advisors.'

Langauge translation? Resume writing? What country is this?

' The average years of service for all Altona workers is 15 years. About 20 per cent of workers are aged under 33, but the majority (65 per cent) are in the 34 to 54 age bracket.'

That’s an interesting breakdown, it doesn’t change the ending; the factory will close and jobs will be lost. But the comparison should be made between Toyota workers and government employees affected by this weeks budget speech.

That Toyota workers are voting on the terms of redundancy packages is beyond belief. That they cannot function in an english-speaking country makes them likely to be welfare dependent in 2018.

The contrast is insane. Government workers (fully proficient in english) that were made redundant this week as a result of budget announcements will, in many cases, be pushed out the door by June 30. Yet it is government employees that are continually bagged in the press for being shirkers, cosseted in cushy jobs at public expense.

Meanwhile, out in the harsh and unforgiving private sector, workers are voting on redundancy entitlements for jobs they will lose in three years time.

Now, which group of workers would you prefer to be in?

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