Over 57% of Americans feel that we need to be harsher on ISIL and the ISIS and their biggest concern with the upcoming election is terrorism - specifically - Islamic extremism.

Let me make this clear: the difference between Islamic extremism and Christian extremism is that Islamic extremism preys off of young minds to indoctrinate, and demonstrates their influence by having people openly killed in full view of the public. Christian extremism, however, indoctrinates young minds in a supposed ‘democratic’ and ‘free-thinking’ society, killing a person slowly by belittling their intelligence and smothering their critical thinking capability. Then, they vote in people who align with their belief, overly fund American military arsenal, and send these young minds overseas to kill others…in full view of the world.

You want to be scared this Halloween? That type of American - I mean, Christian - extremism has been going on for as long as we’ve had the election process in this country. America has been killing innocent men, women, and children for a very long time with ‘God Bless America’ as their rally cry. ISIS/ISIL killed a couple Americans. Now, 57% feel “threatened” by terrorism.

Trick or treat?

—  Actual things that should frighten you this Halloween

In South Africa, agriculture is a major contributor essential to their economic prosperity for resources and a steady source of employment. However, the ARC (Agricultural Research Council) - which oversees agriculture, forestry, and fisheries - has become severely hampered by lack of support, suffering from chronic underfunding while trying to do the best it can with the resources available.

South Africa’s agricultural success lies in the effective application of innovations from the laboratories by scientists and interactive exchanges with farmers, especially small holder and resource-poor enterprises. Through scientific training, the farmers were encouraged to innovate and adapt the use of conservation agriculture, crop rotation, wetlands management, grazing management, soil health, integrated pest management, and sustainable natural resources," explained ARC’s Shadrack Moepuli to Mail & Guardian (here).


(Above) Projected climate change impacts for agriculture in Africa via the IPCC

Underfunding, however, is far from the only problem for the ARC. Funding has had to come from external sources, and the organization still needs much, much more simply to keep up with aging infrastructure, capital replacement, and maintenance costs.

Scientific research funding is of global concern. These “housekeeping concerns” shouldn’t be on the forefront of worry for an organization such as the ARC. Perpetual innovation and ingenuity is the key to reinvigorating the importance and necessity of STEM education to the youth, along with the hardworking men and women struggling to keep up with an ever-changing economic environment.

Endeavorist has the means to advance frontiers, break down barriers, illuminate alternative means of funding, and showcase a curious network rich with ideas and solutions. Through the growth and outward reach of Endeavorist, we are working to connecting research scientists with others, and the public at large with a new route citizen science can instigate change.



Moving Walls 22 –– Watching You, Watching Me: A Photographic Response to Surveillance

What right do governments, corporations, and individuals have to collect and retain information on your daily communications? What tools — both today and in the past — have been used to monitor your activities? What are the immediate and far-­‐reaching effects?

As governments and corporations around the world expand their efforts to track the communications and activities of millions of people, this not only threatens our right to privacy, but also opens the door for information to be collected and used in ways that are repressive, discriminatory, and chill freedom of speech and expression.

It is in this context of massive information gathering that Watching You, Watching Me—the 22nd installment of the Open Society Foundations’ Moving Walls exhibition—explores how photography can be both an instrument of surveillance and a tool to expose and challenge its negative impact. In tackling the inherent difficulty of visualizing something that is meant to be both omnipresent and covert—seemingly everywhere and nowhere at the same time—the artists in this exhibition employ a dynamic range of approaches.

…read more

Moving Walls 22 can be seen at Open Society Foundations – New York from November 4, 2014 – May 8, 2015.

(Photos by Tomas van Houtryve/VII, Mishka Henner, Paolo Cirio, Josh Begley, Mari Bastashevski & Privacy International)

See more images from Moving Walls 22 and our other slideshows on Yahoo News!

Ebola (poem)

Because a black puppet
is the perfect disguise
for the elite’s lies

10 million American dollars
"thrown into African health research"
They assure their followers
"It’s because we care""
The followers assure themselves
over and over again
"It’s because they care"
Wiping soap on their brains
is the only way to keep them sane.
To stop the internal fights
from keeping them awake at night

A black puppet
is the perfect disguise
to cover the elite’s lies

Hate on hate
Excused excuses
Invaders, Thieves-
More money for the elite
Throw fear into the weak one’s ears
'That will keep them in their shell'
Puppy dog eye’d disguise
To suppress those who fear eternal hell

What dark man would destroy his own land?
What dark man would kill his fellow men?
The dark man isn’t there.

A  black  puppet

                   Is   the   perfect   disguise

To    cover  up

 the   elite’s   lies.

In the course of assessing recent threats, we identified activity of concern on the unclassified Executive Office of the President network,” said one White House official. “We took immediate measures to evaluate and mitigate the activity. . . . Unfortunately, some of that resulted in the disruption of regular services to users. But people were on it and are dealing with it.
Dear Gun Control Supporters,

Fuck your right to feel safe.

Want to know why the founding fathers didn’t include that whole “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” stuff you like to quote as your “Right to Life/Feel safe” in the Constitution or Bill of Rights? Because that isn’t something you can guarantee or even define due to the subjectivity of that statement. Sorry this bursts your little delusion but a formal letter written to a former governing power is not the law of this country, the Constitution is. The Constitution and Bill of Rights protect us from the Government, it never says “You have the right to feel safe”. 

If anything it clearly states that you aren’t fucking safe.

When I need a supreme law of the land called an Amendment in order to keep my Government from taking away my means to defend myself and my property I’m not safe.

When I need an Amendment to stop my Government from censoring me I’m not safe.

When I need an Amendment to stop my Government from searching my body and property without any just reason I’m not safe.

When I need an Amendment to stop my Government from convicting me of crimes without a chance to defend myself I’m not safe.

When my fucking Government cuts away at these protections and goes around them under the guise of “Public Safety” I’m definitely not fucking SAFE.

Tell me more about how you want to feel safe liberals. I’d love to hear how delusional you are.

Don’t let anybody tell you that its corporations and businesses that create jobs.

Hillary Clinton

Also… are you fucking kidding me?

On its best day Government creates jobs like Wal-Mart creates a lobster dinner. Sure, it provides the ingredients to make it possible (sometimes) but it doesn’t actually cook the dinner.

What Mrs. Clinton wants you to believe is that when you take the Lobster home and turn it into dinner it’s her that did the cooking.

Not you.

And that’s bullshit.

Government is perpetually trying to take the credit for the achievements of the private sector. This is just one more example.

In North Korea the government “creates jobs”. Not in America.

axiummiuxa said:

Hi, i love your blog. I generally agree with all of your ideas and opinions and i was wondering if you were able to redo the entire government system how would you have it?




In all seriousness, I would return this place back to the way it was when the founders established it.  No more bureaucracy.  No more pages and pages of laws and regulations.  No more federal reserve.  No more income tax.  Just a small federal government that oversees national defense, foreign relations, trade, immigration, and interstate affairs.  You can read some of the my suggestions for the Republican platform here and parts of the federal government I’d cut here.