The checklist ranges from the mind-numbingly obvious, like “appears to be in disguise,” which is worth three points, to the downright dubious, like a bobbing Adam’s apple. Many indicators, like “trembling” and “arriving late for flight,” appear to confirm allegations that the program picks out signs and emotions that are common to many people who fly.

The inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security found in 2013 that TSA had failed to evaluate SPOT, and “cannot ensure that passengers at United States airports are screened objectively, show that the program is cost-effective, or reasonably justify the program’s expansion.”

Despite those concerns, TSA has trained and deployed thousands of Behavior Detection Officers, and the program has cost more than $900 million since it began in 2007, according to the GAO.

It is known, that law enforcement agencies often abuse their powers, violating our rights, referring to the theme of combating terrorism. Moreover, their actions are often quite useless, they also spend a massive amount of taxes, complicating the lives of ordinary people. Given that the only cause of the threat of terrorist attacks is the foreign policy of our country. Our government has raped our budget from year to year.
And now every person who is under stress before the flight, may be in the list of suspects to be forced to deal with the system of law enforcement, and it’s a real shit.

How Americans Destroyed Indoor Plumbing

Jeffrey Tucker explains:

The Romans invented indoor plumbing. It took America in the late 20th century to uninvent it.

The fateful year was 1994, when the federal governmentmandated that all toilets manufactured and sold in the U.S. have tanks no bigger than 1.6 gallons. It was the new prohibitionism. Gradually over the coming years, the toilets stopped working as they once did.

The reality was slow to dawn on Americans, who are rather used to improvement in consumer products, not slow depreciation, devaluation, and even destruction. Over time, the problems were legion. It took two or three flushes instead of one to complete the job. One-ply toilet paper, the type you might expect to use in prison, became a common consumer product so that toilets would not clog.

Every toilet had to have a plunger sitting by it because clogs were common, and hence the invention of designer plungers with translucent handles and fancy holders.

But there was more. This was the time when many houses and even whole town began to stink like sewers. It turns out that plumbing systems love water. They rely on it. It is supposed to flow through them massively to keep them clean. When the water stopped, the stink began. You could do what the whole town of San Francisco did, which was pump vast quantities of water through the system, but that represented its own poisoning dangers.

The environmentalists stuck by their claims that destroying the ability to safely dispose of human waste was a wonderful thing because this “saves water.” The Romans were not so stupid. They knew that water has a purpose and one of them is to remove our waste products from our domestic environments so that we don’t live in and struggle with filth. That’s the reason for plumbing, and it is a pretty great use of water overall.

There were other workarounds people developed. There developed an active market for smuggling toilets across the Canadian border. But those eventually dried up. Fancy business districts and shopping centers started installing air-pressure models and electrical systems that release vast pressure upon the push of a button, and they also sound like a gas explosion. If you had one of those in your home, the whole family would wake in a panic every time you got up at night.

Toilet entrepreneurs got busy designing new systems and, being clever, they all claimed to have solved the problem. Hence it is now conventional to claim that these problems do not exist anymore. This is a complete lie, which you know immediately when you visit online forums thatcomplain about this problem. You just don’t hear about it as often because 1) time has passed and people are used to the problem and think it has always existed, and 2) people have generally given up in despair about getting Congress to do something about this.

My own rule is this. If a politician cannot, at least in principle, dedicate himself or herself to pressing for a repeal of working-toilet prohibition, he or she is completely worthless. This is a no brainer. It is an absolute priority for humanity that it figure out how safely to remove human waste from the premises. If we can’t get that right — and we mostly did for 3,000 years! — we can’t get anything right.

So, no, please don’t try to sell me on some new toilet you claim has solved all these problems the government created. I don’t care how many chopped watermelons, buckets of marbles, and packing peanuts you can flush in the showroom. Once you get it home, it is not going to work properly. If it works for a little while, it will stop working within a year as the parts begin to wear out because they are untested and overworked.

There is another problem that has been created that we no longer even recognize. You won’t believe me when I say this but it is true: it should not be necessary to dump and spray vast chemicals into your toilet every two days to maintain the appearance that it is clean. In the old days, with 3 to 5 gallon tanks, toilets were self cleaning. Massive amounts of clean water rushed in to replace what human left behind such that our houses did not have to be host to little rooms of filth.

If the ruination of the toilet were all this were about, it would be bad enough. But there is also the major problem that the showerhead was also wrecked. The year was also 1994. Whereas showers used to dump 12 gallons of
water on us per minute, Congress legislated so that they could only push out 2.5 gallons, meaning that you have to take longer showers, the shampoo and conditioner never quite leave full heads of hair, and you feel the need to run around in your shower just to get the soap off.

Yes, there are hacks. Notice how the rich commonly install multiple shower heads in their showers, sometimes as many as half a dozen. You can also hack your own, as I did yesterday with my new shower head. They are getting more difficult. It took me fully 45 minutes. I started with the corkscrew, moved to the long-nose pliers, and finally did the trick with a hammer and screw driver. Finally, a real shower head emerged from deconstructive work.

But why should we have to do all of this? We think we are civilized? No, not entirely. State violence in the form of government regulations have been employed deliberately to downgrade our capacity to get clean and stay healthy, all in the name of conserving water that should actually be used for the purpose of cleaning and removing waste.

There’s more to say about government regulations, again all dating to the 1990s. Our clothes washers must function on a fraction of the water they used to, so of course they don’t clean either (and this leaves aside the appalling wreckage of detergent formulas). Our hot water heaters have to be hacked. Cities all over the country to turned down the water pressure so that our plumbing systems no longer stay clean and free of corrosion and sediment buildup.

Put it all together, and you can see what I mean. Americans have uninvented indoor plumbing. Having travelled the world, I can testify that I’ve never seen a country anywhere in the world where people have it so bad. Visitors to the U.S. are completely shocked that our showers, toilets, and washing machines don’t work properly. It is indeed a scandal.

It is also a scandal that there is no real political movement at all to do something about this problem. If we needed evidence to show that our political system is broken, this is it. In some ways, this problem is as bad or worse than alcohol prohibition, which at least led to some degree of fun with bookleggers and speakeasies. The prohibition of working plumbing has led to filthier homes and genuine health risks.

This is mandatory decay of the very foundation of what we used to call civilization.

Political season is coming. Let me humbly suggest that every politician in American be heckled on the topic of domestic plumbing at every appearance. We must demand an end to this real suffering before another generation comes of age knowing not of the possibility of clean restrooms, fulfilling showers, and truly washed clothes.

We need people in government that had their ego shredded on psychedelics and had the epiphany that the human collective is a single organism residing on an even larger organism and that love is the only real solution.

Cops Kill Another Unarmed Man, Gunned Down at his Place of Work Over Unpaid Traffic Fines

The police claim that, as usual, “they feared for their lives,” alleging Thomas was attempting to use the vehicle as a weapon to run down the officers.  Witnesses came forward immediately to the press, challenging the official report and essentially calling it a bold faced lie.

Supporting the witnesses allegation is the fact that there were no visible bullet holes in the windshield or front of the car, a likely place for a bullet to enter- had he been driving at the officers as they claim.

Certainly each of us understands that bigs excuse is a lie, racism and the notorious cops predisposition to violence played a much greater role in this incident.
Every day police assure that black would be so afraid of them that dare not even think about their rights and especially not felt like security within the United States.


An FBI Special Agent in the 1930′s shooting a Browning Automatic Rifle.

EDIT: Apparently that is not a BAR, as REDSKYHARBOR explained, “This is actually a Colt Monitor, a variation of the BAR! Includes a Cutts Compensator (as is visible), a pistol grip, and a lightweight receiver. Only 125 of these were built!“

I apologize for the mistake and thank you to all of you who corrected me!

3 Cops Caught On Tape Brutally Beating Unarmed Michigan Man With No Apparent Provocation

Floyd Dent was arrested in Inkster, Michigan and charged with resisting arrest, assault and possession of cocaine. The charges seemed unusual considering Dent had worked at Ford for 37 years and had no criminal history.

A video of Dent’s arrest, released today, reveals a far more disturbing picture. It shows Dent being dragged from his car, placed in a chokehold and struck 16 times in the head. Dent was also Tasered three times.

It is worth noting that all the cops were white, and their victim was a black man. There is no excuse for such cruelty. The video clearly shows that it was totally inappropriate and not a necessary act of aggression. Pigs simply vent their anger on this guy.
Definitely police took up arms against the citizens of our country. The government covers them, aids in their behavior with impunity. Be careful. The cops are evil, the government condoned this evil, we are in a cage called a police state.

LAPD Officers Removed Antennas from Police Cars in Black Areas to Disable Recording Devices

Los Angeles police officers removed antennas from police cars in several predominantly Black neighborhoods to disable the recording equipment and avoid being monitored while on duty, according to an inspection by LAPD investigators.

This shit makes it clear that the police is absolutely nothing to fear, the government always cover up their asses. You know, in fact, no one was punished, despite the fact that such a situation could lead to a huge number of murders and acts of police brutality, which will never be made public.