Date night was a roaring success.

Moonshine restaurant, in Downtown Austin, where, yes, they serve actual moonshine. We didn’t get any this time, though, because I don’t have the slightest clue how to order grown-up drinks. So I got a margarita. The food was good though, 7/10 would go again.

We wandered around Sixth Street for a bit after. Saw a girl in a bachelorette party pass out, literally, and 911 get called. So that was something. We actually saw like, 5 separate bachelorette parties tonight. Seems disproportionate to the number of people we saw. I guess September is a popular wedding month now?

And then Gourdough’s to end the night. Donut food truck with way too many delicious and terrible-for-you toppings. I got Heavenly Hash and Max got Blue Balls, cause he thought the name was hilarious. 10/10 would go again. Hey NW tumblrs, how about we do a donut trip tumblr meet up exchange? I’ll take y'all to Gourdough’s and you can take me to Voodoo? Yeah? K great sounds like a plan. :)

This was way longer than intended.