A Dangerous Time--Sansa + Ezekiel

It had been a very difficult day though he had to take a moment for himself to go and clear his mind before departure. He had just come from seeing his mother and grandfather and now the time had come to go to his fathers homeland. He stood up by the temple looking out over the entirety of Volantis. He would miss his home, but his fathers requested to be returned to his family and then the message that had been meant for his father from his nephew Tyrion asking for assistance. With permission of his grandfather he was allowed to bring seven more ships besides his own. After a few goodbyes he made his way to the docks where he gave them their orders before making it to their own respective ships. 

Just over a week he made his way around Essos and up north to avoid being spotted by the Baratheon fleet. He left all but his own ship out of Blackwater Bay and out of sight until they received a signal. He arrived a few hours later to the docks of Kings Landing and the sight was incredible. The size of the city and then the heights of the castle at the far end. As he and a few of his men took a small boat to the docks. He was greeted by some soldiers and he was slightly concerned as the greeting did not seem overly welcoming. That was when a short man stepped forward and asked where Gerion Lannister was. It was that that started off a long conversation about everything as they made their way up to the keep. Zeke got a quick run down of all that was happening. Finally as they reached the Red Keep he was given a piece of advice to stay on the king’s good side.

Though the sound of a woman in pain caused both of their attention to go towards the door. Ezekiel quickly pushed open the double dooes to see a knight with his sword raised toward a woman on the floor with her dress ripped. he was about to draw his own sword when Tyrions voce spoke out over the crowd. He moved forward with his cousin to the front and while Tyrion had a moment with his nephew the king Ezekiel removed his red cloak and wrapped it around the beautiful woman on the floor wondering who she was and what offense she had committed. Then as he listened to the conversation how this was to be her bride he could not understand how any man could condone the hurting of his future bride and in this case queen. As Tyrion finished ezekiel offered his hand to the woman on the ground to escort her away from here. 

The Rains of Longbow Hall | Sansa & Charles | starks-little-dove

It had been a year since Charles ran away from Longbow Hall, and left his.. younger brother Francis the throne. Why did he return? He did not know. But since the Brotherhood Without Banners provided him a family, he did not care. He was here to meet one person only. Sansa Stark. Why was she there? Because the Brotherhood captured her.

Whispers said Lady Sansa Stark finally ran away from the cages of King’s Landing also, and well, whispers were nothing but lies. The elder Barton looked up the ceiling, inside the very hall where he faced the Stark girl.

"Well.." He started. "I suppose you owe us some gratitude."

She knelt to the ground, Vespyer resting against her leg as her hand ran over a pile of rocks, scavenging for the proper stone to sharpen her best friend. She gripped the cold stone in her hand before striking it against Vespyer, sending sparks into the shaded forest. Her lips perched into a smirk as she began running the rock over the steel, strengthening its deadly force. 

I indulged myself further with GoTverse Dakota and Kennedy. In dis image dey are fleeing the capitol, Kennedy’s family got slaughtered and as the heir to the throne his head would be on the chopping block. Dakota saves him (whee!) and is taking him to be with allies, although he doesn’t really enjoy Kennedy sittin all up on him like dat.

y…yep…I’m such a dweeb.

The Lost Lion--Ezekiel+Margeary

The sea air washed over Ezekiel as he stood on board his ship. Some of his crew were cleaning up the ship while he was letting others go and enjoy themselves on some of the wonderful perks of Kings Landing. Since he had met with Cersei and Tyrion he was looking forward to meeting the rest this evening. At least those in King’s Landing like his uncle Tywin and then Joffrey and his brother. It was difficult to contain his excitement and in the meantime he worked on his ship. The main goal had been to get the Laughing Lion sea worthy again, but now that he had time he wanted the ship to look better than ever. 

As evening approached he went up to the keep early dressed well with a couple of his guards one had been a friend of his father since he was young the other not much older than himself but a amazing fighter and friend he had practically grown up with. Ezekiel was let in now that the guards knew him as a Lannister. As he walked into the Red Keep he saw a beautiful young woman talking to a much older woman who walked off. He moved across the hall rather quickly to get a better look at the woman. He wondered if his cousin Cersei had sent one of her ladies to bring him to dinner. “Pardon me my lady did the queen regent send you to escort me to dinner…if she did I must thank her for sending such a lovely woman.” He smiled unable to help himself. It was a trait that he had inherited from his father. 

[[ I just had a random thought of Jer meeting my GoTverse Dan in one of his time jumps…

now that would be interesting. ]]


Two more sketches from today. Sorry for any glaring mistakes, I draw these straight in colored pencil so I cant erase, I just have to go with it. I’m kind of addicted to drawing this way lately although I tend to mess up and cant go back.

The top sketch I wanted to draw Dakota as a Knight and Kennedy as a Prince and it turned out way Game of Thrones-y which I didn’t mean, but it’s still kinda cute. In my head Kennedy would be in all white, down to his booties. ;^; Dakota looks too hunky.

Surprising Allies--Ezekiel and Lana

The wind was rushing through his hair as he stood at the Bough of the ship his arm wrapped around the lion’s head at the front. as his ship along with the two ship escort that his grandfather had insisted on. The moment that they entered Blackwater Bay. Ezekiel gave the signal to raise the Lannister flag on his ship and signaled the other two to raise the banner of the Maegar family with two tigers circling one another. If nothing else this should not make the city raise the alarms or fight him. A couple hours moving at a slower rate as he was sure sentries would report the presence of a Lannister ship. He preferred to be announced. At least his ship as not to worry the people. Especially as looking along the shore lines he saw remnants of a burnt fleet. He and his ships arrived in port not seeing many ships and was beginning to wonder if they had been the ones to lose their fleet. he heard from the shore someone calling out. “The lead vessel indeed bears the Lannister banner. The other are from Volantis.” With that he saw someone get  on a horse and head off. Ezekiel thought it was an odd sort of welcome. Then returning to his cabin he put on his best clothes and wearing his father’s sword he grabbed two of his guards and a few of his men and they took a smaller boat into the docks. He gave orders that the men were to come into the city in shifts for leave and to enjoy the pleasures of the city.

Ezekiel was not foolish enough to leave his ships at less than half capacity. Even if his family ruled here it was impossible to trust pirates or anyone else. He made his way meeting mixed reactions from the people. He smiled and waved and for the most part that helped. He leaned over to one of his guards. “Once we meet my family find out what is going on. My father told me last time he was here there was a parade in his honor.” his men nodded and would get more of the crew to talk to the people. After about half an hour he arrived outside the red Keep and the guards seemed concerned as they quickly stood aside. 

Walking inside the high ceilings and looking through he realized his father had not done the descriptions justice then seeing the Iron Throne it was a sight to see. Though he heard all the muttered voices as he moved through the crown and saw his nephew on the throne and then saw his cousin Cersei at his side then his uncle on his other side. Ezekiel came forward taking a knee. “It is my honor to be here though I wish….” He could not finish as he was interrupted by his uncle. “Who are you and why did you arrive in my brother’s ship?” The coldness of the voice startled him. “I was about to say I have arrived because my father Gerion Lannister died due to injuries he received in his journey to the Smoking Sea. My name is Ezekiel Lannister. He married my mother before the rebellion. My father told me he did not tell you Lord Tywin that he told his niece and nephews, your children.” He nodded in the direction of Cersei and she seemed startled but she turned her head and nodded at her father. “My father told me of you your grace how he took you out on his ship when you were but a boy with your mother  and father. He said that you had quite the sea legs.” Ezekiel noticed the king’s smile and found it to be slightly unnerving. Then he spoke, “I like him grandfather make sure he and some of his men have a place in the city, and send the Silent Sisters to prepare my Great Uncle’s body.” Ezekiel stood “Thank you your grace I would like to send my men back tell my crew.” He smiled waving casually his consent. 

Ezekiel stood there not sure what to do as he had finished talking and the room was painfully quiet then he heard another voice and saw it was the queen regent talking to a young woman. He could not fully hear what she was saying but she was speaking to a beautiful dark haired woman. Then he heard the queens voice clearly. “Please go with my daughter whilst we finish here.” Ezekiel bowed and then started moving forward looking at the beautiful young princess. When he got closer to her as guards opened the doors for them. “I am sorry to say I am unsure of your name.”