Pacific Rim AU where everything is the same except every Tuesday and Thursday, a new episode of the podcast “K-Science You Should Know,” often abbreviated KSYSK, is released. 

How many people would a kaiju have to eat daily to sustain itself? What’s the deal with the Pons technology patent controversy? Join Newt and Hermann as they explore the K-Science You Should Know about everything from Kaiju Blue to what’s in the Breach in this podcast from the PPDC. 

There’s nothing I love more than “Stuff You Should Know.” Nothing. Call this the most bizarro crossover ever, but no amount of resisting could have stopped me. I think I’ve dreamt up a whole entire AU in my head for this already — like, I can’t even believe how much energy I’ve put into this. I feel like I’m going to be posting more of this AU, so if that does happen, expect references to Ponzi schemes and the handy search bar (and since I said “handy search bar,” you know what that means — listener mail.) 

I don’t think Newt has a canon middle name, but I am fan-naming him right now Newton Wayne Geiszler after the beautiful Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant because dude I love how well “Newton W. ‘Newt’ Geiszler’ fits into this AU, I LOVE IT

PS. wantonlywindswept alerted me to this which I say was the topic of one of their podcast episodes

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Newton and Hannibal, the shoe aftermath. Maybe with a cameo of gottlieb since they're all part of the neural handshake with a kaiju club.

Newt has spent most of the past twenty four hours convinced he is going to die. 

It’s not an off base assumption, all things considered. So it’s a rather cruel joke that when he finally feels calm, the doors slam open and Hannibal Chau comes limping into the shatterdome, the tips of his gold shoe rattling like the spurs on a cowboy’s boots. Newt barely manages to fall over his own feet before Gottleib steadies him. 

"Where the fuck is my shoe?" Hannibal demands.

"You smell God awful," Newt blurts out. 

"Yeah because I’ve been inside a Kaiju fetus for twelve hours. My shoe."

"I don’t—"

"For gods sake give the man his shoe," Gottlieb hisses.

"I don’t have it!"

Hannibal strides over and Newt almost goes fetal himself. If he had been eaten by a Kaiju of any size, he’s pretty sure he’d be dead from shock or at least have shit his pants. But Hannibal just looks like he wants him dead. The big man comes close enough for Newt to feel his breath on his face and pulls off his sunglasses showing the mangled flesh of his eye. 

"Get. My. Shoe." he growls. 

"Yes, right away," Gottleib says stepping in, “it’s being cleaned as we speak. If you’ll just follow me this way…"

Newt is about to sink in his chair when he realizes that Hannibal has been eaten by a baby Kaiju. His eyes widen and he scrambles up before taking after them. 

"How did you get out of the Kaiju—"

The knife misses him by centimeters. 


Members of the extended Monegasques Princely Family as well as members of the Princess Charlene’s family attend the presentation of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene’s children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. Notable individuals who were missing were Andrea Casaraghi and his wife Tatiana and Pauline Ducruet.