My hedgehog is so grumpy :(

Sometimes I feel like a failed pet-owner because my hedgehog hates me. I try so hard to make her comfortable and feel safe, but she is just mad all the time. I try to hold her, talk to her, touch her and play with her outside her cage, but she just rolls into a ball, puffs up, and jumps at me. I’ve had her about 5 months, and she just seems to get worse. She was much nicer as a baby. 

I feel so sad about it. Sometimes I think I should find someone that would be more suited to take care of hedgehogs even though I try so hard. :( 

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Olive gears up for a nap after snack time. Sorry it’s dark- she doesn’t like bright lights.


Check out my new youtube video of prickles eating meal worms! :3