Do Better


That's it.

I’m tired of all these people on Tumblr who are broken down and convinced that they’re worthless.

All those “sad b&w grunge” blogs don’t help, they only make people more sad than they already were. Sure they offer advice, but all those edits and posts they have are just depressing.

I’m gonna start a HAPPY BLOG.

This happy blog will feature everything inspiration! Happy pictures, happy quotes, uplifting edits, links to happy things and advice and to positive websites, etc. It’s gonna be great.

Listen up everyone, THE WORLD IS YOURS.

No one is gonna die before it’s their natural time anymore!

alright now that school’s in full swing i gotta get Organized *gets out disney princess stickers* *puts ariel sticker on my marine biology binder and belle sticker on my french binder*

alright its 2:30 and i’m almost done with my essay just gotta get that conclusion out…. and i still dunno what i’m doing about that script but once i figure it out it’ll take maybe a half hour to turn out… 

  • Ashton's Vocals (All Studio Version Songs)

Ashton’s vocals from all the 5SOS songs that have a studio version

Gotta Get Out // Unpredictable // Wherever You Are  // What I Like About You  // If You Don’t Know // Don’t Stop // Good Girls // Everything I Didn’t Say // End Up Here // Long Way Home // English Love Affair // Never Be