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Okay, quick break from my bitching and whining about vertigo and silly trivial crap.

I want to dedicate this post to the following because you guys are great and I’m going to tell you just how fucking wonderful you all are.

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Some of you I feel I’ve had the great opportunity to become friends with. 
Some of you I’ve loved so much and in many ways still do. 
Some of you I’ve gotten the chance to talk to a few times. 
Some of you are just simply amazing inspirations that I hope to get the opportunity to speak to one day. 
And all of you I would absolutely love to meet in person if that is ever a possibility. 

To a few of you who have posted audios of you singing or playing music. I really hope one day you consider putting your talent onto a CD because frankly I would pay a lot to see you perform or to at least be able to listen to in the car or when I’m doing day-to-day activities. 

Some of you make youtube videos which I watch all the time because you are some of the reasons I can manage to keep myself sane, without your videos I’d feel pretty empty. And you do so much for charity and for good causes and it’s so inspirational and amazing just knowing how much you all care. 

Some of you I’ve become to consider my best friends and I would absolutely get you flown over to hang out and spend time and even be able to go to my some day in the future wedding. 

One of you I was with for a little while but even before then we were friends for so many years and I still consider you as such and I really hope that things are going at least okay for you in life because the one thing I want for you is happiness. I would love to see you happy no matter if that happiness comes from work, or from family, friends or from some amazing girl. As long as that girl treats you the way you damn well deserve I’ll be happy for you. (If said girl puts a finger on you I will fly my ass all the way there just to give her a piece of my mind!) 

You ALL are incredibly beautiful, wonderful caring people and I love you all so so much. And for those of you that I don’t talk to much I hope that at some point you wouldn’t mind chatting and becoming better friends because I would love that. 

Some of you I was there giving advice to a year or so back and now seeing you and where things and taken you in life is so wonderful and even if you have problems that doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ve gotten so much further from where you were and that’s so great. And I am so beyond proud. 

I can’t say much for those of you that I don’t know much about but I can say that even though I don’t know much, I know that there’s things that have probably happened that may have totally sucked or things that have been possibly life changing. If things have sucked then I want you to know that I’m always here no matter what. Even if you don’t want me to say anything and you just want to get things out so it’s not bottled up inside. I am here for you. 

And even if things are going great, I know there will be times where things will suck and I’m here for you all. I care about you all and I want to be there for you as much as I possibly can be, okay? 

To those that have been there for me and have helped me and given me advice in the past and continue to to this day. Thank you so god damn much you have no idea how thankful I am to have spoken to you even a few times and you’ve helped me grow and figure things out times over and there’s not much I can do to repay that but I can sure as hell try. 

And I’ll say this now. The second I can afford to do so. I want to send each of you gifts. I want to do that for you. To thank you even if we haven’t spoken much I want to thank you for being who you are and being so freaking amazing. You deserve that. You truly, honestly do. 

You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. You’re funny. You’re talented. You’re caring. You’re loving. And even better you stay true to who you are and you don’t take anyones shit and you try. And that’s the best you can do is try and never give up. And I’m so proud of all of you for doing just that. I’m proud of all of you who have been through or are still going through recovery of any sort. I’m so proud of you all who try to find good in life to stick around. I’m so proud of you all who have found ways that help to cope and help you to get better. I’m proud of you all who are fought to survive in life and I’m proud of you all who still are fighting. 

There is no greater inspiration in this world than all of you. And I want you to know that. 

I’m not writing this because I feel I need to. I’m writing this because you all deserve to know just how great you are and how great I think you are and even though I’m just some white girl in some crappy southern canadian city. I just want you to know that if you think for a second that nobody cares and that nobody thinks that you can do amazing things in life that you’re wrong because I care and I KNOW that you can all do amazing things. Keep living and keep being who you are because I couldn’t imagine any of you being someone else. 

I love you all. <3