The Raven | Graphite on paper

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Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven´s claws

- Jim Morrison

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Skull | Acrylics on board | 30x40cm

Let death be daily before your eyes,

and you will never entertain any abject thought, 

nor too eagerly covet anything.


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Insane “Trick ‘r Treat” Sam Cosplay

The warm glow of jack o’ lanterns. The crisp Autumn air. The orange leaves covering sidewalks for miles. The list of things I love about Halloween, and the Fall season in general, could go on and on ad nauseam.

Not to mention that I love horror films, in case you hadn’t noticed.

That said, there is perhaps no other motion picture that captures the feeling of fall and celebrates Halloween as perfectly as Michael Dougherty’s horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat. It is, in my humble opinion, the essential Halloween film, rightfully standing alongside such classics as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

So check out this amazing Sam cosplay, as well as more of Rebecca’s work by clicking here.

The Raven II | Graphite on Paper

Deep into that darkness peering,

long I stood there,

wondering… fearing… doubting…

Edgar Allan Poe

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