Bauhaus - Double Dare

Well, it’s been real everyone. Today was my last full day of Senior Year/ High School. Here’s a look at my first and last outfits of the year. At least I figured out how to use the camera properly {transformationtuesday #gothgoth #morigirl #stregafashion #senioryear #classof2015 #witchfashion #byeeveryone}

My problem in life was that I found myself really early on and when that happens people start brainwashing you into thinking that your wrong and it’s just a phase.
You try out different things and nothing feels right and you always go back to your comfort zone thinking “damn when will I find myself.”

I probably would have had a much easier life if I had just ignored everyone, I certainly know I would have gotten into less trouble.

it’s ok to find yourself at a really young age, people who tell you you’ll change are just reflecting how it was for them and you don’t have to be like anyone else.