Resources for Goths of Color 2.0

Hey Fab Bats!

Back in January I compiled some links for Goths of color and was surprised by your enthusiastic reactions. As today marks World Goth Day, let’s spin some O. Children, spike up our jackets and help a few fellow Bats! Just to reiterate: Dining with Dana is for all backgrounds - including you green folks from Leprechaun 2. If you’re in need of representation or simply seek community support, these haunts are sealed and approved:

Dealing with family: One Bat in Black asked about parents concerned with them “acting white” which I answered here. For more, check out this post on making peace with a difficult fam.

The scene:




While this has a large (but not exclusive) focus on black goths I encourage you to share your own links, resources and advice in the comments!

Having issues as a Goth (be you Monochrome or of Color)? Feeling a little less dark lately? Experiencing Halloween withdrawal? Send a message and my rabid readers and I will help you.

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bleh ever since I unfollowed all of those people and got down to under 200 blogs my dash has been really dead...

Like/Reblog this if you’re a blog that posts goth/emo/scene/alternative fashion.

Also, socks/tights. 

Especially if they’re POC I love their skin tones and gives me way more references to use when I’m drawing them.