Goth girls you wanted to be in middle school

Creepy girls, we are lucky to know you

Creepy girls, queens of night,
Monarchs of terror, darkness, and fright.

Creepy girls with shark skin,
Open my heart and let yourself in.

Dark eyes sharp claws secrets to spare,
Never sleep never blink, don’t breathe, don’t dare.

Creepy girls you this is your time,
Creepy girls always on my mind.

Things goths are tired of hearing..

- So, do you like being sad?

- Do you worship the devil?

- Why are you dressed like that?

- You’d look so pretty without all that.

- How are you gonna get a job?

- You really want attention, yeah?

- *any stereotypical goth association*

- *being told what goth “really” is by somebody not in the scene*

- Hey, there’s a hole in your *shirt, tights, pants, etc*

- Is that your real hair?

These are just a few I’m fed up with, please add your own, cause after all, if you can’t bitch with your community on Tumblr, where can you?