A Shipper.

I am a proud shipper.
I ship a rabbit and a boy. (Jack Frost and Bunnymund)
I ship an 11 year old and a 27 year old. (Clementine and Luke)
I ship a tree and a raccoon. (Groot and Rocket)
I also ship a man with the raccoon. (Starlord and Rocket)
I ship a thousand year old alien with a young adult human. (The Doctor and Amy Pond)
I ship a high-functioning sociopath with a war veteran. (Sherlock and John)
I ship a robot and a 14 year old boy. (Hiro and Baymax)
I ship two brothers. (Dean and Sam Winchester)
I also ship one of the brothers and an angel. (Dean and Castiel)
I ship a fire and a human. (Calcifer and Sophie)
I ship a goldfish and 5 year old boy. (Ponyo and Soske)
I ship a convict and a Floridian. (Lee and Kenny)
I ship that Flordian with a boat. (Kenny and boat)
I ship a god with a veteran. (Thor and Captain America)
I ship a hero and a villain. (Batman and The Joker)
I ship what I ship.
If you have a problem with it,
You need to keep your fucking opinions to yourself.

Just Imagine Though
  • Natasha and Gamora being able to relate to one another because of their past as assassins
  • Thor having conversations with Drax about honor
  • Peter Quill and Steve Rogers adjusting to life after being out of the loop for so long
  • Tony and Rocket exchanging schematics on various inventions, and rocket giving Tony advice on how to jury-rig things at a moment’s notice
  • Tony and Peter Quill bonding over their shared taste in music
  • Vision understanding Groot’s utterances and discussing the beauty of the universe.
  • Jane Foster, Vision and Peter Quill discussing their experiences and interactions with infinity stones
  • Helen Cho offering to heal Rocket
  • Thor talking to Gamora about thanks and the infinity stones, and trying to figure out his plan
  • Wanda being telekinetic in front of Drax, who refers to her as a “witch of scarlet” and the name sticks 
  • Fury offering to locate Peter’s grandfather

#throwbackthursday Over-the-shoulder-of-a-raccoon shot as Oreo is about to be delivered to me on the red/blue carpet in London for the #GotG premiere. Also that’s my tie on the big screen in the background. #tbt