In a restaurant at Liseberg, the largest amusement park in Northern Europe. There’s a painfully embarrassing story behind the last two pictures. Okay so my sister Kat made a bet with her friends in the States that she could take a picture with one hot guy in each country we visited. Naturally, I thought this was an awesome idea, especially since Kat was too much of a chicken to go and actually ASK anyone. Since we were leaving Sweden this evening, I told her she had to be quick about it. So she and I approached a group of really good-looking guys and asked if they’d take our photo. We were about to ask them for their photo WHEN DAD CAME CHARGING OVER AND ASKED “HEY CAN I TAKE A PHOTO OF YOU GUYS?” Kat and I were mortified and the guys looked terrified and sooooooo fucking awkward and THEN HE TOOK OUT HIS PHONE CAUSE HE SAID MY PHONE WOULDN’T WORK JESUS IT WAS THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE I CAN’T DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO DIE OR CRY OR JUST SLEEP FOREVER *throws self down and doesn’t move* Yeah. It was bad. But it’ll certainly be a story worth recounting.