A Maid and Three Kings - Part 3


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Min-Yun laughed as she witnessed Amber and Sunny falling on the slippery floor as they also started to laugh at their clumsiness.

“You guys are just unbelievable.” She told them as she tried to catch her breath at how much she laughed.

“Min-Yun.” A familiar voice was heard behind her.

She turned around, seeing Jackson smirking at her as he motioned her to come towards her. She slightly gazed at the girls, giving them a signal to leave. They both got up and bowed respectfully at Jackson before leaving them alone. Min-Yun sighed as she bowed as well.

“Yes sir?” She asked as she noticed that he was right in front of her which caught her off guard.

He kept quiet as he got closer to her which made her nervous. He smiled at how cute she was. He slowly raised his hand as he stroked the bruise that was in the right of her forehead which looked bad but he could care less about that. She still looked like a princess.

She avoided eye contact with him. She couldn’t meet his eyes; they were just too fierce for her. She noticed him stroking her bruise that she got when she accidently hit herself while cleaning one of the guests room.

“What happened?” He asked softly.

She looked down for a second before he lifted it up to meet his eyes. Their eyes were staring into each other’s eyes as she tried to explain herself.

“I-I accidently f-fell and hit my head. I-I’m sorry. I’ll be careful next time.” She managed to say.

He chuckled as he pushed a stray of her hair behind her ear as he stroked her face.

“You should be more careful Min-Yun.” He smiled at her. “I’m guessing you’re done here?” He asked with a wink which made her cheeks blush pink as she nodded at him. “ Well, our guests have arrived and I need you to prepare the table how you did that first day. Do you remember?” He asked her.

She looked at him shocked. How could he remember that day? That day when she started to be his maid. That day where all this started.

“Y-you remember that day?” She asked him, clearly taken back by his memory.

He chuckled to himself as he patted her head.

“Just go and set it up. They’ll be down in twenty minutes.”

“Twenty minutes?! What the?” She thought to herself.

She quickly nodded as she bowed before heading off to the dining room to set up for lunch.

Jackson didn’t move after she left. He just looked at how cute and innocent she was. It made his day more enjoyable, seeing her blush like that and nervous. It was cute to him. He chuckled to himself at the moment they just had. He sighed as he went back to the office where his friends and sister were at. As he walked in, he noticed someone missing.

Park Jinyoung.

Ugh, that boy. I’m going to kill him.” He thought to himself as he sat on the couch.

He waited for him to suddenly pop out and scare him like the last time but nothing. He wondered where he could of gone but then he turned to Mark and Victoria who were flirting. He made a disgusting face at how weird they looked.

“Mark, where did Jr gone to?” He asked, not wanting to witness his sister’s flirting.

Mark turned to Jackson, looking around to find Jr gone. He chuckled to himself.

“He probably went to do his business or looking around the castle.” He shrugged as he heard Victoria’s giggle which made him smile.

He really liked Victoria. She was funny and very sweet to him yet there was something missing but he just didn’t know what until he remembered that laugh. That beautiful laugh that was just music to his ears.

“Ugh, that boy is gonna give me a heart attack one of these days.” Jackson groaned.

“You sound just like his father.” Mark complimented.

“I’m most likely gonna be while he’s here.”

Mark laughed and nodded as he was about to say something until Victoria interrupted him.

“So when’s lunch? I’m sure your guests are really hungry?” Victoria said as she was sitting really close to Mark.

“It’ll be done in twenty minutes. I’m sure you’re gonna like it.” Jackson smiled as he thought of Min-Yun.

Min-Yun sighed as she took her cart of supplies for the table since Jackson requested her to do the table as before; she was the only one that could do it. She sighed deeply as she started to organize the table how she would do. She liked doing things by herself. It gave her some alone time as well as some peace and quiet. As she was doing perfectly fine, she suddenly bumped against the table which made one of the plates fall off the table. She gasped as she was waiting for the loud crash but nothing happened. She turned around, looking down to see someone catching it. She noticed that it was a young boy. He looked fairly handsome and he was dressed very formally which made her think that he was one of the king’s friends.

“You should be more careful with these. I heard that these are very special to Jackson.” He said as he looked at her with a cute smile which caught her off guard.

She slowly nodded and bowed in respect of this unknown King that she had just met. She slowly grabbed the plate from him, brushing her hands against his as she felt an unknown feeling as she looked at him. He looked at her with a surprise expression as well which meant he felt it too.

“T-thank you for saving this plate.” She softly said as she bowed before placing it back on the table and heading back to her duties.

As she was setting up the table, she could tell the young boy just staring at her. She felt a bit uncomfortable since she was only used to Jackson doing that. This person, she didn’t know was creeping her out. She was about to say something until she heard her name called from the kitchen. She took a deep breath in relief as she was about to walk off until she felt a grip on her arm. She slowly turned to see the young boy looking at her. She looked at his hand gripping on her arm then at him but what surprised her more was what he asked her.

“What’s your name?” He softly whispered.

She looked at him, confused at why he was asking her that.

“W-why do you wanna know?” She softly said, trying to make her voice clearer since she was nervous but failed.

He chuckled at how raspy her voice sounded yet he found that cute.

“I’m curious. I wanna know the girl who did all this and I want to thank her for her hard work.” He said as he mentioned about how nicely she set up the table.

“You don’t need to thank me. It’s part of my job.” She said softly, hoping that he’ll just forget it and leave her alone.

“Please.” He quickly responded as he pouted at her cutely which caught her off guard.

“He’s like a child.” She thought to herself. “Omo, what should I do?”

“All I’m asking is for your name. Please.” He asked again, pouting even more cutely which made her lips curved into a small smile.

She took a deep breath as she was about to say her name until she heard a different voice in the room.

“Jr, what are you doing with that maid?” Victoria said as she walked inside with Jackson and Mark, ignoring Min-Yun as she sat in her usual seat.

Jackson rolled his eyes at Victoria’s rudeness as he met eyes with Min-Yun and motioned her to get the food before he walked to his seat and sat down, waiting for the food.

She slowly bowed and grabbed Jr’s hand that was gripping on her arm and pulled it off of her as she bowed slowly as she ran into the kitchen, trying to control her breathing.

Jr looked at her as he saw her disappear in an instant. He sighed deeply as he ruffled his hair as he sat down beside Jackson.

“Almost got her name. Ugh, thanks a lot Victoria.” He thought to himself.

“I wouldn’t waste my time with that one Jinyoung.” Victoria said as she noticed Min-Yun in the room, serving them with Amber.

Min-Yun tried to put her poker face as she knew that Victoria was talking about her. She hated it when she did that but she couldn’t do anything about it. She just shook it off and continued to do her job.

“Psh, how would you know Victoria?” Jr growled at her, not knowing why he was speaking to her in that kind of tone which not only surprised him but everyone else.

“What’s up with you Jinyoung?” Jackson asked as he took a sip of his drink.

Jr sighed and shook his head as he started to eat.

Min-Yun nodded at Amber and she left as she was about to finish her serving to the other guest.

“I’m be right back. I need to go get something.” Victoria suddenly said as she stood up, making her chair go back and accidently hit Min-Yun’s waist.

Min-Yun groaned as she suddenly lost her grip on the tray and fell to the ground but she didn’t feel any pain. She then heard a sudden groan from underneath her. She then felt the tray of food fall on top of her. She slowly opened her eyes, seeing herself on top of someone. She gulped as she slowly looked up, seeing one of the guests. It wasn’t the one that asked for her name. It was the other one. The one she hadn’t met. She gulped quietly as she met his eyes, not sure what to say or how to apologize for her clumsiness as she noticed his hands were on her waist.

“Are you okay?” His deep voice surprised her.

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