It has been so wonderful to stay here at the farm, I have had plenty of time to relax eat lots of amazing food and help out in the garden and with the animals.  The baby goats are so adorable I could sit and play with them for hours and not get bored. I also really enjoyed milking the cows, feeding the calves and helping in the garden harvesting and planting! 

While I have been here I also fixed my bike and have got it up and running again.  On Monday I will be setting of for the next section of the trip, I will cycle up to The Netherlands to see Maya, another good friend of mine.

Today, I have this feeling, like everything is right.  I feel good and healthy.  My cleansing is going well, and got my bike fixed and have been riding and walking and taking care.  My mom is really sick.  I can’t feel sorry, b/c she abused herself for years, and this is her Karma.  I don’t know what will happen.  For some reason, though, I feel really free.

I feel like whatever happens, in any facet of my life, it is good.  When you embrace change and allow yourself to relax and get really truthful, you realize all the things you manifest as worry and stress and ego, are just of the mind.  They are exhausting and futile.

To be at peace is such an amazing thing.  I still have my rawness, and I still believe in brutal truth.  I just don’t feel like I have anything left to hide.

I am at work, and it is an easy, lovely day.  Everything just seems to be flowing ~

N A M A S T E 

My dad and I decided to go ride bikes and go to the store near us and like it was getting quite dark out. Then a part of my bike got messed us so we had to stop as he fixed it under a street light by a park. Then this car drives about 10 feet away from us and pulled out a gun, thank god it was only a paint ball gun. These fucking teenagers shot at us, I wasn’t hit but my dad was. He got hit right behind his ear and started bleeding. Later after that near the store we had to stop for a light and the same people passed us, and gladly didn’t shoot again. But like It’s been three hours and his ears are still ringing.
Not the relaxing bike ride I was hoping for

Recently I got my mountain bike brakes fixed and took to the pedals again. First time I tried 2 weeks ago, just cycling down local streets for just over a mile. I had a nasty reaction when I got home which put me off further rides. But… I was able to do a similar ride a few days later and it wasn’t so bad. I plan to keep trying to push for further and further distances. I noticed an advert on the front of my house today and it got me thinking, could I really push my distance to be able to take part??

Sadly my mother passed away from cancer in July last year so this may be something positive to push for. I will see how far I can push in the coming weeks to see if this is at all possible. This distance MIGHT be achievable!