Oh my, i just want to thank you ALL for sending me such lovely birthday wishes! It really warms my heart to see that so many of you care :’D Honestly, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve made my birthday very special. Thank you so much. I love you all until the end of time x

khaledcantfly homie i love you and i thank you for your kind words, i miss you man but like you said Ohana ain’t dead homie we still here :D Ohana love <3

the-hijabi-next-door ddkins, my exit buddy, smallish bear ima thank you for your kind words and i luff you too 

aqiilaah i was wondering where you were today thank you for your extremely kind words and your beautiful dua :D

bethechangeyouuwishtosee thank you for your kind words and your well wishes Hadeely !!

thatchamkeed my asian brother from another mother and across the seas thank you bro and inshallah we will meet face to face, man to man, bro to bro *wink wink* Mount Kilimanjaro*wink wink *Ohana love <3

Hani i was wondering why you were so keen on coming back this morning lmao now i know thank you timsah for your kind words, your well wishes and the tears :P Ohana love <3

exqnari Where do i even begin with you Queen Timsah i knew you well enough to know you would say Australian doesn’t exist just so you can say it at your time but you far out did yourself i did not expect all of this thank you for putting this together it means far more than i could ever say. Ohana love <3

To all of you i love you and i appreciate you more than words can probably ever convey i hope we all reunited in Jannah inshallah. 

I completed infamous second son yesterday night, and augustine’s whole trying to do good but in a twisted way, reminded me of kuvira??
So even when I’m away from lok im never really away from lok.

Guess who got accepted to a college todayyyyyyyy