Yeah about the infamous court scene. We’re all aware that the purpose of that scene was to send a message to the public that Levi can handle Eren. To kill him if he loses control or betrays humanity. But it turned out to be a ruse, not just to everyone that was present during the court scene, but to the readers as well. Ever since we were introduced to Levi, the person in charge of Eren, we all assumed he was gonna be this evil person who was gonna hurt Eren every time he made a mistake. I think that was what Isayama was going for. To fool the readers, like he did with the politicians, into thinking he’s this  condescending snob. 

But immediately after the trial, he was worried that Eren would hate him and was glad to hear he didn’t. I mentioned in a previous post that he doesn’t have to do the things he does for Eren since he’s his superior so Eren just has no choice but to be obedient. Yet he’s not like that. He’s a man of free will. It’s adds a nice twist to his character along with his heart of gold. Because when you look at his exterior you would assume the opposite. But that’s not to say he’s a pure angel. He’s rough around the edges, tough, and downright intimidating. But he still tries his best to support Eren as a person and a soldier. Levi’s one of the few people to care about Eren to that extent and I find that very sweet.