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Is Cersei a misogynist?

She had a warrior’s heart but the gods in their blind malice had given her the feeble body of a woman.

"When it comes to swords, a queen is only a woman after all.

"The gods must have been mad to waste manhood on the likes of him” 

"I would sooner face any number of swords than sit helpless like this, pretending to enjoy the company of this flock of frightened hens.

[about Septa Moelle] This one still has her maidenhead, I’ll wager, Cersei thought, though by now it’s hard and stiff as boiled leather. 

(I really suck at finding quotes and these are only a few examples, but you get the picture.) Yes, Cersei is a misogynist. She despises other women for their weakness, calls them hens, thinks their only valuable weapons are their tears and their cunts. She dislikes the company of women, except for Taena (though, to be fair, she tends to dislike the company of anyone who isn’t Jaime or her children), taunts Sansa for being meek, makes cynical assessments and jokes about rape, is complicit in Qyburn’s experiments on living female bodies. As for herself, she believes she’s the exception to the rule. She knows she is strong ("she was always bolder than her brother"), but she never sees that trait as consistent with her female nature. In fact, she believes that she has the spirit of a man, and only for a twist of fate she was born female. And this is part of the reason why Cersei feels like destiny owes her something - she feels betrayed, robbed of what she thinks belonged to her by right: her identity of first born son and heir to House Lannister. She knows the only reason she can’t access to that title and position is her gender, and it makes her furious. 

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man there are a lot of surprisingly upset answers to my “tex should come back post”

like dudes

you are aware that it’s science fiction. rvb writers could bs any reason for tex to come back in the same way you see her as being gone forever. it’s g homes. it’s not gonna happen however much i wish it would so just let me have my one text post, k?

Ygritte's profile by 'Tower of the Hand'

Ygritte was a wildling girl north of the Wall. We only got to know Ygritte through Jon Snow’s eyes (i.e. his POV chapters). She was physically described as “maybe as old as twenty, but short for her age, bandy-legged, with a round face, small hands, and a pug nose” and her most defining feature was her fiery red hair. Because of her red hair, the free folk considered her “kissed by fire” and lucky.

The first time we met Ygritte, it was assumed that she was a man, keeping watch with two others wildlings in the Skirling Pass. Jon and Stonesnake had descended on the trio of wildlings with every intention of killing them all, until Jon had his dirk at her throat and realized Ygritte was a girl. Ygritte took the opportunity to yield and so began the miseducation of Jon Snow.

Ygritte’s existence was characterized by her fiery personality and her luck. Her first stroke of luck was that Jon was the man to discover she was a woman; her next bit of luck was that he was too soft/weak/compassionate to kill her. Twice. Ygritte repaid Jon for sparing her by convincing Rattleshirt to let him live after he (and Ghost) killed Qhorin Halfhand and again by convincing Mance Rayder that she and Jon were involved, which won them both a spot on the raid south of the Wall.

It goes without saying that Jon Snow had not met many women outside of formalities with lords and their ladies at Winterfell. But Ygritte was unlike any woman that Jon could ever have imagined. She was brave, independent and bold; a “tough little thing.” In addition to Ygritte being one of the wildling watchers on the Skirling Pass, she had a voice among the clan leaders when defending Jon, proudly joined the raiders heading south over the Wall, and managed to lead Jon astray of all the vows he had ever sworn.

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Stiles is Something in Response

Hey, there~ Quco speaking!

Let me just start out by saying that I’ve been on board on your “stiles is something” crusade since I started following you~ I completely agree with that he is something, and we will most likely see him blooming into this next season. 

However, there is a couple of things I’d like to point out and I’m going to use his “super strength” as an example, because that’s the meta I got fresh in my memory and conveys exactly what I mean best.

So, Stiles keeps holding people down a lot. Now, he keeps holding werewolves down a lot. Which, you know, they have super, INhuman, strength and what not and Stiles is a weak, 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones, (heh) human boy. 

So how come he keeps holding werewolves down? Okay, so the arguments that keep being thrown around are:

a) Convenience of Plot. Cause hey guys! We need stiles to do this thing to make the plot move forwards so everything will work out without backing ourselves up into a steel bear trap. 

b) Stiles is something (has been something for a while) and therefore he is able to hold werewolves down because he too has super human strength.

But hey, let’s talk about this! I’m calling convenience of plot when Stiles is helping to hold Scott down in episode 3x01, Tattoo. First of, Derek is holding Scott’s hand, and hey, guess who actually do have super human strength? Derek! And you can also look at it this way, that Scott tried his best not to fight against it. I know we see him turning because of the pain, but isn’t pain also supposed to be what makes you human, and we’ve seen him going calm over pain before. So, all in all, I can’t see him actually struggling too much against Stiles. Derek’s hand perhaps, against Stiles? Not so much. 

Then right afterwards in episode 3x02, Chaos Rising, we have Stiles helping hold Isaac down in the ice bath. First off you have two werewolves holding Isaac down, even though it is only the front, and as pointed out Stiles is left alone to fend for Isaac’s bottom. (err you know what I mean) But he only does so after Isaac starts to struggle, and you can also see Stiles loose his grip on his Isaac’s legs before theice cold water gets to him and Isaac drifts off. I’m not calling convenience of plot on this even, cause I don’t think it should be counted. Hey, lets look at it this way. Isaac is trying to escape, he is not going to be able to do so by sliding out with his feet first, If that’s the way he want to go he needs to go down in the bathtub, submerging himself and then try to wriggle free in Stiles’ direction. Completely inconvenient and awkward, plus I don’t really see him thinking straight. So no, I do not think this counts.

Continuing on, we go to 3x06, Motel California, where Stiles breaks Ethan out of his trance and stops him from becoming chopped liver, literally. I am calling convenience of plot also on this one, because all the werewolves snaps out of their trance pretty quickly (except Scott) when they are hurt. In life or death situations people can become a lot stronger, you’ve probably heard such stories before. And it is to my belief that, that is what Stiles does here, still being his normal, human self.

And this is where we get a turning point. Season 3b starts without more ado about holding wolves down (as I can recall) and nothing in season 3b can or will count because Stiles was possessed by Nogi. 

and then we get to 4x06, Orphaned, where he helps hold Brett the Werewolf down. in this episode we get close up shots, weird dialogue and side glances from both Stiles and others (Derek). But most importantly he is holding Brett down up front. Not just his legs. Derek is losing his powers so he isn’t so strong, Stiles is supposed to be a human, so how can these two hold down a scared, thrashing and dying werewolf? We just talked about life and death situations, Brett should be maxed out in power, minus wolfsbane poisoning. 

So, I’m calling this the “stiles is something” turning point. Because them holding Brett down just isn’t plausible and there really is a line to how gullible we are, dear TW writers, and this is it. 

Why is this the turning point? Because this is after season 3b, and because of Nogi’s possession, Stiles “spark” has been lit. Either his powers have been awakened, or it is something he still has left from Nogi. My belief is to be to latter, considering this isn’t even Stiles actual body, it’s the one that got spewed up in 3x11. However that’s a completely different meta, sorry. (Original Stiles/Stiles actual body is dead, and i’m a firm believer, thnx)

Anyways, Stiles is something come season 4. Because the writers are aware that they cant keep someone human around much longer, especially not someone who keeps putting himself directly into the line of fire, without ending up like Allison and because of Nogi giving Stiles a push in the right direction. Well, that is my point right there.

The writers now know he is something. It is no longer convenience of plot, it is no longer just for comic relief like when Stiles gets punched in the face by Erica with a car part with no damage, then later on gets punched by a totally human Gerrard (several times) and ends up with a really nice collection bruises.

No, in season 4 they are actually building up to something.

We keep getting these weird shows of power throughout the season with close ups, lingering looks, eye contact, strange dialogue, etc. In 4x05 we get this weird close up with Coach and Stiles when Stiles holds back the Lacrosse stick. In 4x09 he breaks out of the restraints Brunski put on him, although it is barely of screen. Only other time that has happened is when Stiles was possessed by Nogi (with no effort I might add) and from Scott when he and Lydia was in Stiles head/bardo in 3x11. 

And of course when he holds Malia’s arm back in 4x10 and we get this really weird close up of Stiles holding her arm and looking stunned himself. Or maybe “Woups, I need to be careful” or “Oh shit it’s happening again wtf is going on??”

Then you have when he gets hit right in the face in 4x12. Gets up and all that, you already wrote a brilliant meta on it. 

So yes, I just wanted to sort this out, because I think it’s important to read between the lines, but not everything we see can be counted. Which is a big problem when it comes to Meta. But hey, we are all allowed to count which parts we want, it’s meta, not canon after all. Nothing’s been revealed yet (sadly)

Now I wouldn’t put it past the writers and Jeff to maybe include some of the past episodes as the reason later on (que flashback to stiles being superman come season 5) because that would be super brilliant and make it look like they were building up to it all along, but I simply don’t think they have been considering it for that long.

Hopefully they are considering it…

and I’m sorry this turned out soo long, it was originally going to be a short ask, but hey, I wanted to be able to explain myself fully!

thanks for listening at least~


Thanks for the wonderful submission, And forgive me for taking ages to get around to it. 

I do agree, not everything in teen wolf is a plot point. it would be exhausting if it was. and not everything stiles does is proof that he is or isn’t something. Obviously i don’t know when Jeff and his merry band of writers decided that Stiles was to be something. Personally i think they might have know the entire time or at least been open to the possibility, and left little clues that in hindsight fits and can make us nod our heads and go “yeah, now i get it.” Or if we’re wrong and stiles isn’t anything other than 100 % human after all then little stuff will just be convenience of plot and that’s that. 

It’s sort of like with Stiles and the hints of him being bisexual. They’ve always been there from the start, but has mostly had an air of comic relief to them (although stiles himself is always serious in those situations). So if Jeff goes that route it will have references and make sense. But if it never amounts to anything, then it will just be a lost opportunity and some fun moments. 

I think a lot of people assume that if i make a meta post it’s something that I believe 100 %. That is not the case. If I find a pattern, a parallel or even a situation that with what we now saw in season 4 might be something - like Stiles helping Derek hold down scott in 3x01, i will point it out. It could be another piece of evidence. or it might not. the bottom line is we may never know. Even when Stiles is revealed as something i doubt we’ll get a flashback of all the things that proves it. that is not Teen wolf’s style after all. 

I totally do agree that season 4 is a turning point for stiles. But he’s had some sort of ability since at least season 2 with the mountain ash and the telekinesis. So his somethingness has been there all along, it’s just now bubbling more to the surface, and he’s also aware of it. That is the major change. 

I must admit i find it curious that the only time we’ve seen stiles with any kind of bruises or being visibly hurt is when Gerard = a human did it. 

People will have to make up their own minds about what they want to believe or not. I do think that some of the stuff i’ve mentioned in my meta writing time probably is just convience of plot. Others might not be.

I also would like to point out another possible strength scene that is mostly considered comedic and from 3a

I’ve watched grown men smash tv, laptops, cars and other hard surfaces to pieces using a wooden bat. never have i seen it turned to saw dust like this. Is it just because voltron alpha is so hard? I’m no physics major or anything, but i would assume it takes quite a bit of force and momentum to hit something hard enough to achieve this outcome. If anyone with knowledge will either confirm or shut this down i’d be grateful :)

I wont walk through each of the possible scenes where stiles perhaps could have more strength than what is “human” - I’ve talked a bit about the scene in 3x01 where Scott is burned with the blow torch here - Derek isn’t really holding him down much, just a hand on his leg(s). And there’s that weird finger thing as well. Does it mean anything or is it just a weird twitch from Dylan? I have no clue.

What i’m feeling close to 100 % sure about is that Stiles is something. Whether or not all the possible things i’ve listed as possible evidence are in fact that is less likely. I do appreciate your thoughts on this :) just  few more months and we might know more… 

whilst everyone’s getting pumped for season 5, I think we need to remember a couple of things

  • don’t forget lady stoneheart. don’t forget that the show runners actively decided to cut one of the most powerful character arcs of the book and force her, instead, into the nagging mother stereotype
  • don’t forget arianne martell. don’t forget that it looks like the show runners actively decided to cut a powerful, feminine, kick ass woman of colour, who was next in the line of succession
  • don’t forget that her storyline was all about liberating myrcella and crowning her under dornish law, where women have the same inheritance rights as men, and aren’t passed over in favour of their younger male siblings. don’t forget that her entire storyline focused on females empowering other females.
  • don’t forget that it looks like they’re giving that same storyline to her younger male sibling, who they have gone out of their way to age up so he fits the role, and the story will now probably be “dashing young prince-to-be kidnaps damsel in distress”
  • don’t forget the jamie/cersei rape scene. don’t forget that the show runners actively made the decision to change the story and make that scene include rape.
  • don’t forget that mance rayder had a wife called dalla, and that she had a sister called val and that they were both important leading characters in jon’s story. don’t forget that the show runners actively made the decision to cut them out.
  • don’t forget the totally unnecessary changes to bran’s storyline. don’t forget the fact that rape and abuse just became part of the background set for most of those scenes. don’t forget that the show runners were on set, actively deciding that those scenes needed a little more male on female violence in the background.
  • don’t forget that natalia tena wanted osha to have a pubic wig because when the fuck would a wildling women shave her vagina and the show runners actively told her that wasn’t allowed.
  • don’t forget that they created a female character just to serve as a frequently nude prostitute, and that when the actress, esme bianco, refused to do any more nude scenes, the show runners fired her
  • don’t forget that she was then killed off in the most sexually violent, brutal, and demeaning way possible
  • don’t forget chataya and alayaya, a mother and daughter who were strong, sexual, and unashamedly so, and ran their own brothel. don’t forget that the show runners cut them out, too. don’t forget that the show runners have no problem with sex and prostitution so long as it’s on a man’s terms, and as soon as women are making the decisions, they don’t like it.
  • don’t forget that this show we love and watch and support perpetually goes out of its way to instigate violence against women, to take away their agency, their character, their rights, and their abilities. don’t forget that the show runners consciously make the decisions to demean women and use them as a way to dress the set. don’t forget that they take stories from women and give them to the men. don’t forget that they do not support and respect women the way we support and respect their show.

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If they aren't cutting Bran completely why are you upset?? I think you are overreacting

I really don’t think I am overreacting. I love Game of Thrones, if you follow my blog you would know that I love the books and the show. 

However, my reasons for liking the show have been dwindling since the last season and with all the releases of information about the new season. 


FIRST: Over the summer, GoT released the casting of the Martell’s and various Sand’s for the upcoming season since we will be spending some time in Dorne. 

However, they didn’t cast Arianne Martell who  is, in fact the heir of Dorne because Dornish law allows the firstborn to be an heir, regardless of gender.

Instead, HBO stated that Trystane Martell is the heir to Dorne. 

Trystane is Arienne’s younger brother.

This is bullshit. Arianne is an amazing female character and there is a whole storyline where she helps Myrcella because Dornish law respects female succession, so Arianne believes that Myrcella belongs on the Iron Throne.

The fact that they are completely ignoring this character is sexist and completely ridiculous, and it puts Dorne on the same level as the other kingdoms in Westeros in regards to sexism which just isn’t right. 

You can read more about it here

SECOND: Lady Stoneheart. 

D&D completely botched Catelyn’s character, in favor of Robb’s POV  and now they have decided to cut one of the most powerful character arcs in the series.


Did you see any evidence of the north remembering? I SURE AS FUCK DIDN’T.

Over and over again, the writers are actively deciding to cut powerful women in this series, or refusing to employ women who don’t want to appear naked anymore.

Read more about the decision to cut LS here

THIRD: The Jaime/Ceresi rape scene that IS ENTIRELY CONSENTUAL IN THE BOOKS. 

It kills me that they actively decided to practically erase all of Jaime’s character development in favor of a rape scene that NEVER happens in the book and essentially has no real purpose besides to shock the audience. 

This disgusted me so if you want to read more about it check these articles here.

FOURTH: Bran’s storyline changes and now cut from season five. 

Representation matters.

Representation matters.


Representation matters. 

The fact is, that Bran is a character who is going through struggles, changes, and challenges just like the other characters. 

The only difference is that he is disabled. He is unable to fight in great battles or fuck naked women.

Why didn’t they sideline Theon for a few seasons (like he doesn’t appear in Storm of Swords or Feast for Crows)???

I just feel like this is another step that the writers and producers are actively taking to make this show more about shock value, cool effects, and badass characters rather than telling a story that GRRM wrote so beautifully, about characters who are REAL.

The books that he gets so much praise for his representation of a variety of characters, including women and disabled characters!

If you want to read more about the decision to cut Bran here is an article. 

I love Game of Thrones and  I will continue to watch the show because it is really great, but I will not sit back and simply accept the things that are clearly wrong with the decision making that goes into this show.



"it’s a great way, it’s a valid way" - bryke

saying “canon” doesn’t even have to be an exaggeration anymore. this is legitimately meant to be read as romantic. even if this is all nick ever allows in the show we have strong implications, we have word of god, and we still have the future comics where more explicit romance can likely be included. we still have 6 episodes for more of this. and don’t you dare tell me this isn’t at the level of bubbline, madoka x homura, utena x anthy…insert whatever other lady x lady ship is heavily implied in canon here.

blushes in avatar have always indicated romantic feelings

this is canon

On the Importance of "Alayne Stone," the Bastard

Based on these gifs.

Game of Thrones has just erased another very important facet of Sansa Stark’s storyline, that is, her hiding in the Vale as Alayne Stone, Petyr’s bastard daughter. Sansa being forced to give up her noble position has a lot of significance in the books, such as: 

  • Parallel with Jon Snow: once Sansa assumes her place as Alayne, a visible shift in Sansa’s language occurs. She not only begins to refer to Jon as her “half-brother” instead of “bastard brother,” she also begins to sympathize with his status as illegitimate and the harsh reality that comes with it.
  • Parallel with Arya Stark: the sisters, two sides of the same coin, both lose inherent parts of their identity that undoubtedly help shape them in the future. When Arya’s chapters start being named differently, so do Sansa’s. Both of them assume new names and new positions in society, which is so important that they both lose bits of what they wanted most. Arya is forced to give up things like her sword and face that symbolize her connection to family (father and half-brother), and Sansa is forced to give up both status, name, and physical appearance that is her connection to family (her mother, true born brothers).
  • Loss of nobility: her experience as Alayne is supposed to be humbling. She’s no longer the daughter of Ned Stark the Lord, nor the sister of Robb Stark the King. She’s a bastard, yes still of a noble, but only a “minor” noble (until Littlefinger inherits the Vale via Robyn anyway). She dresses more modestly, less like she usually enjoys. No one pays her any mind and she mixes in with the common folk, leading to the next point.
  • Fostering friendship with Mya Stone: since Mya is absent as of yet, we can probably guess that she’s not going to be very relevant in Sansa’s story, which is an incredible shame, because Mya was not only the first lowborn friend Sansa had, but also one of the few people who was genuine and honest with her, and helped her understand the world of commoners.
  • Marring her beauty: thus far, Sansa is noticed explicitly for her beautiful Tully looks, more specifically her red hair. When she becomes Alayne and dyes her hair brown, it makes her slightly less beautiful, and therefore less welcome to the privileges that come with being a conventionally attractive woman, plus a little bit of the relief of being less sexually noticed (though that certainly doesn’t stop several characters from threatening to rape her anyway). 
  • Isolation: In King’s Landing, she was widely known as Sansa Stark (for better or worse), but in the Vale, the main person who knows her identity is Petyr and that’s not only something that kind of scares Sansa, but it actually literally forms a split in her mind. When GRRM stops titling Sansa’s chapters with her name and starts titling them “Alayne,” it symbolizes the change happening in Sansa’s life, the distancing of herself from the girl she once was to the woman she is being forced to become. For example, one of the things Sansa does in her Alayne chapter is change her age. She literally says Alayne is someone who would be older than Sansa as she’s gone through more. 
  • The larger arc of identity: which is a pretty big one that is played upon constantly and repeatedly. Arya becomes Arry becomes Beth becomes the blind beggar, etc etc. Catelyn Tully becomes Lady Stoneheart. Bran loses himself to become a tree (?). Rickon loses his status to be basically raised by wildlings and cannibals (and his feral wolf). Jon Snow becomes Lord Commander. Without becoming the bastard, how can Sansa properly achieve that ultimate arc?

The show probably chose to change her bastard status (or at least change it to a less important part of her identity than niece, which is how she’s introduced first) because they didn’t want to confuse viewers. But I personally think it’s another fumble amongst the many they’ve already made to Sansa. Alayne Stone is important, it’s important for her to be a bastard daughter of a minor lord, it’s important for her to be treated like a commoner and have friends from a bastard tier like her, it’s important for her to make that differentiation in identity. Taking that away is seriously doing harm to her plotline. 


Heights of Frozen Characters - 

  • Anna - 5’0” - 152 cm
  • Elsa - 5’4” - 162 cm
  • Kristoff - 5’10” - 177cm
  • Hans - 5’6” - 167cm
  • Olaf - 2’6”/ 76cm without twigs 3’1”/94cm with twigs 
  • Sven - 4’3” - 129cm

Notes and Process detailed below for those curious

A Few Notes -

  • This is based on the assumption that standard door knobs are 3 feet off the ground (Oaken’s door)
  • Each height therein after is calculated off Anna’s height, which was calculated from Oaken’s door. 
  • My ruler measures accurately to the nearest 16th of an inch 
  • irl means how tall the character is in real life measured with a ruler. Neither this number nor the calculated conversion will match on your screen.
  • frz means ‘verse height
  • All heights rounded to the nearest inch.
  • Click image to read easier
  • Too little too late EDIT: Heel sizes(shoes) were taken into consideration

Process - 
Anna’s height is based off Oaken’s door which is measured in the first picture. A conversion rate between irl height and ‘verse height for this particular scene was created. 

For every inch measured with a ruler, the equivalent height in ‘verse is ~11.07” since it is assumed the door knob is 3 feet off the floor. I can then calculate Anna’s height as shown in the second photo. The gap between her head and the 6’ mark is approximately ~11.8 inches which is rounded then to 1 foot. 6-1 = 5’.

From there on, I created a conversion knowing Anna’s height by measuring her with a ruler, measuring the second character with a ruler I can apply the conversion and calculate their height. 

Ex. Elsa’s Height - 

Anna is 5’0” and measured 6.75” irl
6.75” irl = 60” frz        1”irl = 60”frz / 6.75”   1” irl = 8.8889” frz 

Elsa is measured to be 7.1875” irl -
7.1875” irl =     (7.1875 * 8.8889)” frz  =     63.889” frz  =      ~5’4”

This process is repeated for the rest of the characters in the above scenes.

Update - Oaken
Update - Door Knob Height
Update - Face Characters

The stand out scene this week was Sansa as Alayne Stone in the Eyrie. Her scene was Lysa was truly heartbreaking, as we got to glimpse the real, young, excited, vaguely happy Sansa for the briefest of moments, before she realized that she had landed in another vipers’ nest again. For a brief moment, it looked like Sansa had found someone she could trust. Someone who would tell her things about her mother as a girl, and who would take care of her, and care for her well-being, and give her lemon cakes. And you can see the exact moment when she realizes that something might be amiss, when she stops smiling and speaking genuinely and starts reciting what she believes are the right words once again.

Lysa’s instability is terrifying to watch, but it’s Sansa’s denial of any relationship with Littlefinger that really hits you in the stomach. “I’m a stupid girl with stupid dreams,” she says, and although she attributes the words to Littlefinger, it’s clear that she’s speaking for herself, and crying over her naivety. She thought she had found someone who cared. She thought she was safe. But it was another stupid dream. She will never find safety. And although it’s interesting to see Sansa’s transition into someone who can play the game, who says the right words and wears the right expression and never ever ever reveals her true feelings, that glimpse of the child she still is and the happy person she could be was enough to highlight how cruel it all really is. Sansa is fourteen years old. She shouldn’t have to be a player. She shouldn’t have to try and do what Margaery does, but without a brother or a grandmother or many more years of practice and experience to support her. I’ve always been a fan of the Sansa: Queen of the North theory, but I think I’m going to switch allegiances, to Sansa: safe and happy at last.

I used to hate Jane Foster

I did. When I first saw Thor, I loved the movie. It was great. Except Jane. I couldn’t stand Jane. She was too much of what I thought of as a ‘damsel in distress’, even though, thinking back on it now, I don’t think she was ever actually in distress in the first movie (at least, no more than any other mere mortal in that little New Mexico town was).

Jane just wasn’t what I thought of as a ‘strong’ female character. She was no Peggy or Sharon Carter or Maria Hill. She didn’t defeat the villain like Pepper Potts did in IM3. And she certainly wasn’t Natasha Romanov (no one is like Natasha Romanov). She was like Betty Ross; there only to be a love interest for the main character.

And then I was watching Thor: The Dark World, and I was hit with a realization.

Of course she’s not a ‘strong’ character like Peggy Carter or Natasha Romanov.

She’s a scientist.

Before Thor came along and disrupted her life, she was a scientist studying out space and wormholes and whatever else (i’m not a scientist i have no idea). Natasha was made and bred into this world of spy and intrigue. Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter and Maria Hill are all women in military positions—Peggy with the Army (I think?) and Sharon and Maria with SHIELD. And Pepper, as amazing as she is, really only defeated Aldrich Killian because she was injected with Extremis. Jane Foster wasn’t made for this world of aliens and gods and superheroes. Jane doesn’t have what any of the other female Marvel characters have, which is the skills necessary to keep up with these types of characters.

You know what she does have? She has her science, and she has a neverending scientific curiosity.

When Jane is zapped into an alternate space, the first thing she does is investigate the weird cube thing there. She goes and sticks her finger in it, and she doesn’t start freaking out until the Aether sinks into her skin.

When she’s traveling the Bifrost, she looks about her in wonder and awe, because yes, she’s traveling in space, but this is also the culmination of her life’s work, absolutely proof that she was right, and you can just bet her brain was whirring as she added all that into place.

When she’s on the healing table in Asgard, she knows exactly what it is. You can hear the sneer in the Asgardian healer’s voice, can almost hear her thinking Oh this puny mortal thinks she’s so smart, but what does she know?, but Jane knows exactly what this device is. Asgardian science is so advanced it looks like magic to Midgardians but Jane still knows what it is.

She slaps Loki. This is a being who invaded her world twice, who helped wipe a New Mexico town off the map and brought an army into New York. This is an alien on par with Thor, who could probably break her neck with a flick of his wrist. And she storms up and slaps him. That’s brave. A little reckless and foolhardy, for the above-mentioned reasons, but brave. She’s not a cowering damsel by any means.

The only real time she’s anywhere close to being a damsel is when Loki hands her over to Malakith, which was actually just part of the plan, so it hardly even counts.

Even during the final battle, Jane isn’t a damsel or sitting helpless. She’s an asset. She’s the one who manages to reconfigure Erik’s devices to induce the anomalies caused by the Convergence. She’s the one who stands in a bell tower as aliens fight outside and causes things to disappear to help Thor stall Malakith so he can’t destroy the world.

Jane Foster isn’t strong, not in the way Maria or Natasha or Peggy or Sharon are, because she wasn’t made for that. But that doesn’t make her weak. She is a scientist, and she uses her brains to help out in the ways she can. She isn’t physically strong, but she’s well-rounded in the ways that truly strong characters are.

I’ve been brainwashed into thinking the only strong female characters are the ones with sharp edges who can kill you just by looking at you. That’s not what a strong female character is. Jane Foster is strong, in her own way, and I’m done hating her. We need more female characters like her, not the type to save the day with her brawn, but with her brain.

I used to hate Jane Foster. I don’t any more.

I swear, I swear I don’t ship it ugh

Okay so story time.  tous-les-coups and I started lining up for our Jensen & Misha photo op super early, so we were close to the front of the line.  That meant that we were let in to the photo op area before they were ready to start taking pictures, and they were still resetting after the J2 pictures.  So Misha came in and started talking with Jensen and Chris (the photographer) and okay, this is the part that is so not fucking cool, because Misha looked kinda tired or down about something, and it seemed like Jensen and Chris were sort of giving him a pep talk- except that apparently in order to do that, it was necessary for Jensen to hold Misha’s shoulder, gaze deeply into his eyes, and hold his hand over his heart like he was giving a really heartfelt speech.  I fucking kid you not.  AND THEN Jensen continued to hold this position for a good long while, and even when he moved his hand from Misha’s shoulder it sort of grazed his arm???  I don’t even know guys, I swear I don’t fucking ship it but these assholes make it really hard not to do that, ughhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, then we got to do our photo op, and we told them that Lainey was Hannah and I was Crowley and we were going to get in the middle of Dean and Cas’ “friendship” (we didn’t use the airquotes, but it’s possible they were implied) and then this happened.  Not exactly what we pictured, but Lainey got to wrap herself around Misha and I got to PUT MY HANDS ON JENSEN’S PECS so it worked out perfectly.

And yes, they’re actually MORE ridiculously good looking in real life.  What a bunch of rude assholes.

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underthesamestar asked:

I rewatched the last episode again and I started crying when Haru was saying sorry to Makoto and now I am crying again... Yanny, I love them so much, so much, they are so beautiful, I can't describe with words how beautiful they are. I wish everyone to find a person to love and be loved by them like Makoto and Haru love each other.

Makoto and Haru’s relationship (in S2) shined the brightest in this ep

It made me think about their relationship as a whole

All that they went through…

and the hardships that they had to face…

BUT were able to conquer together, simply by being each others’ strength

…that solid base of support.

It showed how they grew as a person..

…and grew as ‘best friends

And how, while life seemed to throw them ALL the reasons to give up

to let go

they instead find MORE reasons to hold on to each other.






Why Sansa Stark’s Dress From Last Night’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was The Most Perfect Costume Choice Of All Time

By Rosie Narasaki,

Sansa’s done more than learn from her captor/torturer/style icon Cersei: It looks like the student has surpassed the master. Because remember when Oberyn Martell told Tyrion how Cersei had tried and failed at emotional manipulation with him? Well, Sansa just categorically won all the emotional manipulation awards ever on Sunday’s episode — and she made sure to dress accordingly.

After almost three full seasons of being a powerless hostage, Sansa’s finally talking back. We first saw a glimpse of it a few weeks ago when she tearfully told Aunt Lysa that Littlefinger hadn’t tried anything with her (and he hadn’t… yet) — she used her admittedly tragic past to her advantage to convince Aunt Lysa that she had no designs on him.

And this week, she takes it a step further, conflating truth and fiction so very seamlessly that she’s able to successfully convince a whole panel of suspicious Eyrie elders of Littlefinger’s innocence. It’s a masterful move (both by Sansa herself and actor, Sophie Turner), and her calculated, through-crocodile-tears-look at Littlefinger shows us that she’s playing with the big leagues now.

Her subsequent scene with him (“I know what you want”) adds feathers (no pun intended) to her cap, and her dress clinches it. Sansa’s always been a survivor, but this is a dress that lets us know she’s playing the infamously life-or-death game of thrones for keeps.

Sure, it’s unfortunate that the ever-creepy Littlefinger is the ally she chooses, but at least we know she’s making very calculated risks — because it’s not blind loyalty or even fear that drove her to save him, but an aptitude for self-preservation and manipulation that we only wish her mom and dad had. And it’s this Maleficent-worthy dress that seals the deal — or rather, puts the nails in the coffins of her enemies.

It’s the perfect marriage between character development and costuming. Major props to the Game of Thrones costume department for creating the dress of the season (it even beats Dany’s post-Daario dress, and Margaery’s roses-and-thorns wedding dress, IMHO). It’s a character-defining dress that has rightfully taken over Twitter, Tumblr, and just about every GoT recap, ever — and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it on scores of future cosplayers to come.


I don’t need a symbol to remind me how I feel about my brother.

No, he doesn’t. But Sam and Dean aren’t okay. Dean’s been playing it really light the whole case- but here. This last scene. His face is somber and dark- because he was a demon and the brothers are damaged in ways they can’t even approach right now. So, no, he doesn’t need a symbol to remind him of how he feels about Sam. But he brought the symbol back for Sam … because they’re not okay. But he wants Sam to look at that necklace and remember that even though they’re not okay, Dean loves him and they’re going to get through this somehow.