got in a taxi


So if Dean swore not to tell anyone… how do you know about Tori Spelling and the Mall of America, Sam?


Dean was a brother to Benny, and he’d do anything to save his life too.


This was the news in Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

A foreigner from Germany got drunk and took the taxi,but the driver scared at him because of his ridiculous action and height like giant,then called the police to take him the police office,suddenly this guy scared to cry out!The police had no choice but to call his friend in Taiwan to take him back home.

What a cute & funny news! XD 

here is the character in hetalia↓

a foreigner from Germany→p/russia


friend of a foreigner in Taiwan→j/apan

people read the news→g/ermany


Dad (Sakurai Shun) - Currently a high-ranked officer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications, was a candidate for the Vice Minister position. Graduated from Tokyo University. Sho said he doesn’t talk much at home, so once when they went out eating hotpot with just the 2 of them, they ended up talking about the hotpot ingredients.

Mom (Yoko) - A college professor and a company heiress. Contrary to his dad, his mom talks a lot …and even used to be Sho’s first enemy when he’s a child. They fought about everything. Once when he’s around 6-7, they fought on the streets in the city so his mom got into the taxi without him. When she turned around, she saw the little boy walking all alone, not even trying to call out to her. That’s when she realized that the boy’s growing up to become a stubborn but independent person who would make his own decisions. During Sho’s days as a newbie in News Zero, his mom would send him texts mocking, “You messed up just now, didn’t you? LOL.” Sho described her as a strict, but sometimes “weird” mom.

Younger sister (Mai) - 3 years younger, currently a reporter at NTV. She resembles their dad a lot but has their mom’s “bossy” attitude. Sho said she once forced him to eat the vegetables he disliked while saying, “Saying you hate this is the same as saying you hate ME!” It’s said that Sho goes out eating lunch with her occasionally.

Younger brother (Shuu) - 13 years younger, currently studying at Keio University like Sho. A rugby player. Once when Sho went to watch one of his matches, Shuu didn’t even realize he’s there even though Sho cheered super hard for him. Shuu used to call him “Bambi” because of Sho’s role in Kisarazu Cat’s Eye.

Sho lived with his family up until 2010 when he decided to move out living on his own. However, he’s still involved with “Sakurai’s Board of Directors”, discussing about his siblings with his parents occasionally, planning his parents’ wedding anniversary vacations and all. One of his family’s rules is, “If you make your own decision, then you have to be responsible for it.” ‪#‎Shonuary