You are the REAPRESS, also known as ARADIA MEGIDO. You are a young adult troll living on BEFORUS.

Other trolls often tell you how lucky you are that the empress is so forgiving to rustbloods like you, but honestly, you don’t think you’ve got it so great

((Beforus Aradia event, yay! This event is going to last all of October until the 30th bc thats when things get spOooOkkKy. It’ll be tagged as ‘reapress’!))

((For any additional information about how I’m portaying this Aradia, click here. You have to ask whatever else you want to know!))

happy october 1st it’s time to octobify all your URLs and pictures and stuff! I’ve got a commissioned icon coming in soon but for now check out my header thing, put your mouse on my face there and look at my new thing!

I went through alot of speech therapy as a kid to help with my stuttering and slurring/lisp and now my irl clapbacks and reads are so iconic bc they just flow out of my mouth so eloquently like my read last thursday was honestly iconic i got applause for talking about adversity black women face can you imagine if i stuttered or kept having those weird pauses i had as a kid :/ honestly thank gawd


i want to fly into this beautiful life

i think it’d be nice with you