DjeDjehuti at DeviantArt shows us what it might look like if Disney’s princesses were thrust into the world of Game of Thrones.

Starring Arial as Melisandre, Mulan as Brienne of Tarth, Jasmine as Ellaria Sand, Grandma Fa as Olenna Tyrell, Belle as Margaery Tyrell, Snow White as Shae, Rapunzel as Sansa Stark, Cinderella as Catelyn Stark, Aurora as Cersei Lannister, Merida as Ygritte, Lilo as Arya Stark, Tiana as Meera Reed, and Elsa as Daenerys.

My favorites? Lilo as Arya, Merida as Ygritte, Grandma Fa as Olenna, and Snow White as Shae.

There are a couple of clever choices in here, even if the fit is debatable. Tiana as Meera, who is called a frog-eater, and Belle as Margaery,who, arguably, tries to tame the beast that is Joffrey.

I think Anna would make a better Sansa, as they are both loyal, love-obsessed, silly little girls. (I mean that with love.) I see Maleficent or Cruella as more of a Cersei type. Jasmine strikes me as more of a Daenerys than Elsa, and I think Rapunzel would have made a great Myrcella. Aurora would do better as Jeyne Westerling/Talisa, perhaps. 

If you could cast Disney characters in Game of Thrones, who do you think they would be?


When you play the game of clones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.


Game of Thrones meets Doctor Who


Very Disney-animal inspired GoT artwork based on4 of the main houses.

For those of you having issues identifying the youngest stag in the Baratheon’s picture and the oldest dragon in the Trageryen’s, they are Gendry and Maester Aemon respectively. I have to wonder why Gendry was placed in the Baratheon’s and not Shireen. Poor girl.


Dammit Percy, you’re supposed to be studying.

Thanks to pipkitkatz for suggesting I draw a pjo/hp crossover! I was supposed to sort them in houses, but I got too lazy to color this also I haven’t decided which houses I think everyone should be in.