got 1k

well since my art of this guy from last week was kind of horribly angsty, I decided to draw him looking relatively relaxed and mostly alright

 tbh I think we can all agree he deserves a break

(drawn in about 10h in Photoshop, prints for sale on society6 if you want ‘em)

I’ve donated 7 months of clean water for someone now!!  This is just from opening new tabs while on the computer, and only in a day and a half!  With the “Tabs for a Cause” extension, every new tab you open has a customizable screen with several ad banners, and all the money generated is then donated to the charity of your choice.  And while being simple and helpful, it’s actually really useful as you can add all sorts of widgets and bookmarks to the screen, making it simpler to go where you need to.  And in a day and a half, you could provide 7 months of clean water for someone too!  Go here to get the extension!