The signs as Game of Thrones houses
  • Aries:House Martell
  • Taurus:House Tully
  • Gemini:House Baratheon
  • Cancer:House Greyjoy
  • Leo:House Lannister
  • Virgo:House Arryn
  • Libra:House Tyrell
  • Scorpio:House Targaryen
  • Sagittarius:House Stark
  • Capricorn:House Martell
  • Aquarius:House Greyjoy
  • Pisces:House Tully

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

If there’s one thing that breaks my heart more than seeing pretty men perish as often as they do in Game of Thrones, it’s seeing Sansa’s soul dying a little more with each new season. You can practically see the light going out of her eyes and it twists up my insides something fierce. 

One of her few joys in the world seems to be lemon cakes. They’re pushed on her after she learns about the death of her brother and mother, though at that point she wants nothing to do with them. She also comes across them in the Eyrie, where they have been made with the lemons that Petyr Baelish brought with him. 

Now, from House MJ to yours, have a lemon cake. You love lemon cakes. 

- MJ

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