gossymer said:

Hi! Weird question, but there's a crack!trope I've seen in other fandoms - its wildlife-documentary-esque fanfic which track the mating habits of the OTP. I noticed it in an innocuous and hysterical tumblr post by ecarian ("CONCERN. DESPAIR. Here we see the Stilinski in his natural habitat [...] The Stilinski is the natural predator of the rare, endangered Hale.") but realized I haven't seen any of the ilk apart from it - would appreciate any guidance :D

probably Selected Field Observations on Canis lupus irremotus by wldnst because stiles is making a documentary? and he follows derek around? but it’s not cracky so i don’t think it’s what you want 

gossymer said:

Is Community the Abed of Meta? I imagine that between the Trobed ship and all the fantastic women in the fandom, Community is someone's BFF and there's a lot of dishing about the meta of it all XD

Community sprouts out references like you wouldn’t believe to the point that Supernatural took to avoiding her. She’s pretty awesome, and intelligent, and can hold her own any conversation and usual win it. She’s Grimm’s older sister and he looks up to her a lot except she’s really wacky and crazy and honestly Grimm sometimes slinks away from her when they’re in public because why are you buying paintballs don’t do that don’t make another blanket fort oh god

Community is EVERYONE’S best friend, except The Big Bang Theory’s. They hate each other.

gossymer said:

So umm, where does Harry Potter reside? And does Star Trek live in the same neighborhood?

Harry Potter is on the very top floor and lives next door to Twilight. 

Star Trek lives on the fourth floor and is one of Doctor Who’s best friends. He’s the show as well as the movie, a thirty year old man that makes way too many homoerotic statements without realizing it. Star Trek and Star Wars though, yeah, they’re totally fucking okay don’t let anyone tell you otherwise