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reblog this for a chance to be in the newly updated GOSSIP GIRL NETWORK! you can be any of the following: 

-Eric (van der Woodsen)
the bolded are the elite, my favorites (but you can choose any character you want once you are accepted) 

the network is here and the badge is here

-mbf me, tranquil-neon
-reblog to your little heart’s content.
-i will be choosing when i’m happy with the notes
-no likes!! 
-blog style doesn’t matter, but neon will have a high chance (since i’m neon)
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*note* if you want to be Serena or Chuck, you must be my friend :D so you have to message me and we have to become friends. 
*another note* i will check out every blog that reblogs this

I wanna be in The GGN because :

I wanna add more fab badges/icons to my network tab. It’s like a hobby to me like collecting stamps ahah (: I wanna have more friends aka gorgeous followers, too. I am active and I love Gossip Girl. I love to gossip, and I am a girl. I am friendly, we can be friends :D I have more to say actually, but you know I am lazeh, (every gorgeous girls like me will feel the same) eheh (: 

xx, love mira.

Hi! I would love to be in the Gossip Girl Network! I am in love with the show so much! If i were to be selected in this network, I would love to be Serena because I love her unique sense of style! Thankyou and I wish you all the best for this fabulous network!

Gossip Girl Network

Why do i wanna be apart of it?

Have you seen your blog, have you watched gossip girl, have you seen my fangirl blog?!

I love your blog, I love neon colors and I want to be apart of something you’ve created.

Plus I really love love love gossip girl and am almost dying that the series ended though i’m so pleased with the ending! Derena and Chair! My all time favorite couples in Gossip Girl and I ship them so hard!!!

Also my blog is neon, and I kind of just started it so it would help a lot!

you know you love me,

and you know you want me on your network,


Gossip Girl aka Hannah

ps, still can’t believe that Dan was gossip girl the whole time… wow