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Heyyyy! Los Angeles land anon, back again. I don’t know too many ‘juicy’ deets. Just the jist. She books a room in the same hotel when she’s here, but the room that she books remains like, pretty empty when he’s in town. That’s not to say that they don’t take advantage of a luxury hotel room when they can. In the past they have switched it up and he has stayed in the room with her.

Oh my. Do you have any examples of this? Perhaps a time frame? Who told you this? Thanks for sharing! We love hearing little tidbits like these!


day 4 of 5x3x Facebook challenge.  Fashion illustration and SHOES!!!

Another subject that I always love.  I’m obsessed with shoes, total shoe whore and proud to admit it.  Nothing makes my heart flutters more than a beautiful pair of shoes.  Also, I’m always a huge fan of fashion illustration, especially vintage and the Barbiesque ones.

The first painting is from my ‘Summer Fun Girls’ series, this one is titled “Gossip” cause that’s one of the thing us girls do best.  So much fun to hang out with your girlfriends and share a bit of juicy gossip.  I’d like to think I don’t gossip, but…  oh …  I do enjoy them.

Second painting, my Burlina Loubi.  One of my birthday present from Norm.  Definitely one the most comfortable shoes I own.

Third painting, my Valentino Rockstud slingback.  Got this baby in both black and white for the Big Hero 6 wrap party.  Also another super comfy shoes that I know I can dance all night in.

Also, I nominate Christopher Zibach and Brian Kesinger. Look out for their work. Chris has started posting already and they look great!