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I feel like I should try to get to know y’all better, I’m horrible at making friends so it’s hard for me to just pop into someone’s inbox and start talking like we’re friends, I’m very awkward and ew ;-;

so um what’s the point of this? well nothing really just want to try and connect with you all some more so

hi! I’m Mackenzie (but you can call me Kenzie or Mixie), I’m 17 and I currently reside in Michigan, my hobbies besides sims and skyrim include hurting myself with fictional characters and attempting to write and draw sometimes


And with a sad heart I say bye to you and wave Kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I had made And like a baby boy I never was a man Until I saw your blue eyes cry and I held your face in my hand And then I fell down yelling, “Make it go away!” Just make a smile come back and shine just like it used to be And then she whispered, “How can you do this to me?”
Hate me today Hate me tomorrow Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you


Oh my gosh I hate posting this many screen shots at once but can we just talk about how this sub story KILLLED me?
Like seriously, I’m in pieces right now 😁
Teorus makes a really interesting statement: “Sometimes giving the person you love the push they need is best.”
What really gets my feels going while playing through a route(ones in SCM especially) is the symbolism and all the emotions that aren’t directly said. In this story, we see the goddess MC being creeped on pretty much every God&Human on the block but what makes me appreciate these guys even more is that they GET IT.
They GET that mc is super hot and intelligent, they GET that every guy wants her, and they totally GET IT that their chances with her are slim. But that doesn’t stop them.
That doesn’t stop Hue from appreciating her foolishness because he knows that on the other hand, he’d foolishly do anything to make her happy; even if that meant that he would have to sacrifice his own happiness.
None of that stops Leo from (grudgingly) going out of his way to secure what she wants most. And once he tried his moves and was bluntly denied, he still wasn’t able to stop tapping into his soft spot for her.
That didn’t stop Ichthys from literally pushing her towards the man she wanted to be with, because he was able to do what was best for her and not himself. And if you’ve picked up the vibe that he gives off by now, I don’t see him as the type to easily do something for someone with no other motive or benefit to himself.
What do all these ikemen have in common?
I think this is such a beautiful interpretation of the selflessness that people fall into while falling in love. Because they all know that in doing this to help her, it will probably never secure their happiness; but they will feel better in the long run knowing that they were able to secure hers in some way.
And, of course, live with the hope that maybe by pushing her now, she will come back to them later.

Aaaaaand that’s my take on it. Sorry it’s like 1am here and I needed to get this point across while it was still in my mind. All I can really say is that by getting this story(and all the other routes but teo) SCM has smoothly made it to my top 3 apps right now. And you’ll probably be seeing a lot of headcanons & fics in the future✨😘

If I pretend you didn't exist, will it be less painful ?

Oh how badly I want a delete button for the memories we force ourselves not to remember. It’d be much easier if when I look at you, there won’t be a single thing that will come to mind. I won’t have to come home; think about the ecounter with you that day and cry about you before I sleep. I don’t want to have to say to myself, “He broke my heart. He will never find happiness. You will never find someone who will love you as much as I did.”

i hate posts that say ‘tumblr, we have to vote for this person!!’ or ‘EVERYBODY QUICK VOTE FOR THIS PERSON BECAUSE I PROVIDED A MEDIOCRE GRAPH’ because there are a lot of impressionable young people on this website and to sit around and blatantly lie about issues is ridiculous. provide information without being overbearing because politics is messy and it can be fun sometimes, but forcing it down people’s throats (wrongly, I might add) is never the way to go). people who are voting in your first election in 2016 (like myself), do your research, pick the candidate that best reflects who you want to run our country, and stick with it.

no matter if you’re a democrat, a republican, a libertarian, part of the green party, or even independent, your voice matters and you should not let someone else be your puppet master! if anyone would like really good resources to read up on candidates (WHICH BY THE WAY, THE PRIMARIES HAVEN’T EVEN HAPPENED YET JUST SAYING, NOT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL NECESSARILY BE ON THE BALLOT IN 2016) i have some really awesome stuff that i’d be willing to share from my school if you wanted to come off anon to talk!! :D have a nice day everyone


1.) I am Swen.

   Hey loves. I’m Anna - too old for childish whims but still not too old to die young. I live in the Philippines but I prefer speaking English because Tagalog words are long and repetitive and I feel like my tongue hates my language (gosh). I’m a writer in our school paper - Feature Writing and Editorial Section - and a lot of people hate me in school because of my (a) sexuality and (b) my music taste (which revolves around Ellie Goulding and FOB but nah). I play bass in our band and we actually won a competition last year. I play acoustic guitar, too. I legitimately have a wide imagination that involves so many Swan Queen manips but then I realize that I suck at making fan videos, so I stick to writing fan fictions and one shots, but then I also suck at writing, so yep, I’m an untalented tomato in a potato basket. Youtubers are my thing too - Troye Sivan, John Green, Tyler Oakley - yup. You can also find me crying over American Horror Story and Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. I ship Raulson, hence the username. (I also ship non-canon ships in AHS like Foxxay and Bananun- oh, did you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking intO PIECES). I found myself watching OUAT because of my Grandma (thanks ma) and yes, the Swan Queen life chose me and now I’m an emotional wreck.

2.) I love Swan Queen.

   Once upon a time, in an unlikely corner in the Philippines, there lived a girl named Anna. She was surfing the waves of the Internet when she found a Youtube video named: SWAN QUEEN - ONE MORE NIGHT. She clicked on the link and, welp, when she heard Adam Levine’s singing voice and saw Emma and Regina’s chemistry, her gay heart lit up with joy and she started shipping Swan Queen. Days passed - her eyes were puffy and she became sleep-deprived. She started reading fan fiction - from heart-aching AU’s to earth-shattering smut - and began blogging in a site named Tumblr, and well, our protagonist just loves Swan Queen so much - their connection, sacrifices, their eye contact, Emma’s “Regina, I-"s, and…and…and… (massive breakdown). Man, they are just so perfect! They are the embodiment of love, hope and faith.

3.) I love Swen.

 At first, I didn’t like the Swen fandom. Heck, I didn’t even ship Swan Queen yet. I was a CS kind of girl (because Colin, ya know?) but then, because of this fandom’s awesomeness, I became hooked. I love Swen. I love Swan Queen. I love everything about it. I love the Twitter fights and Ship Wars and the OUAT cracks on Youtube. Like I said, from heart-breaking AU’s to earth-shattering smut: Swen is indestructible. I am genuinely happy to see this fandom grow and grow everyday and, wow. Swen can be mean sometimes, Swen can be awfully inappropriate, Swen can be Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaid, saying: ”LESBIANS!“ but damn, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I look like an idiot help me God (that’s me in blue )