Yes, I do have memories with Vater—! Now that I think about it, it really has been quite a while, hasn’t it…

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Bunny, on my Walter Fawn makeup
  • ~~~Paddleboat Cruise~~~
  • Bunny:-quietly points at me-
  • Meef:wh
  • Bunny:-tries to chew and swallow food-
  • Meef:um
  • Bunny:-swallows- aRE YOU FROM NARNIA?
  • ~~~In the parking lot~~~
  • Person:may I get a picture of you?
  • Meef:sure! -poses-
  • Bunny:... You know you're like, a legend, right? All these people wanting pictures of you!
  • Meef:-snorts- yeah you totally don't know this feeling at all~
  • David+Chelsea:-professionally photobombing in the background of my pic-

anonymous said:

"John!" Sherlock shouted as he'd done a thousand times before. When John didn't come running he shouted for him a second time and then for Mrs. Hudson. After a few minutes of impatient waiting he got up to see what was keeping his flatmate but when he tried to leave he realized that 221b wasn't real it was just a hologram and that no one had called him Sherlock Holmes in years. His name was John Harrison now and if he wanted to save his friend John Watson he would have to play their game.



anonymous said:

"WHY DO THE PEOPLE OF GLEE THINK ANYONE CARES ABOUT #Daleastreet?" Maybe because they /do/ ? (& btw you just helped it trend) Why are Klaine/Darren stans always so rude to Lea? Contrary to what some believe, she ain't writing this crap.

okay so apparently you’re stalking my twitter. and now i’ve got to ask… do you actually even follow me?

do you realise lea is one of my favourite glee cast members? do you realise rachel is one of my favourite characters? probably not because you saw that i have an issue with the totally contrived, FOX-branded “friendship” known as Daleastreet and you thought that meant i had a problem with each of those people.

i have no problem with darren, lea or (for all intents and purposes) chord. i have an issue with the fact that there are at least 2 other people in this scene: chris and matt, who have both magically disappeared from the area of lea’s camera. (oh, but i thought colchele were besties too!)

for whatever reason, these 3 have been chosen as the faces of S6, even though their storylines have more to do with completely unrelated characters than each other (newbies, coach beiste, kurt, etc.).

darren and chris have been playing an on-screen couple for 4 years and yet they’re not allowed to take a picture together but we’re supposed to shut up and say nothing when these 3 do it? how is that fair?

especially after the fucking awful season 6 shit we, as a fandom, are gonna have to endure, i don’t think a picture between co-stars is too much to ask, do you anon?


in regards to sarge being a genwunner, tbh, even though sarge is pretty set in his ways, i really don’t think he’d pass up any possible advantage he could get over the blues.

of course, he still never listens to simmons no matter what universe we’re in.

on another note: even though magneton and magnezone are still spelled the same way in both English and Spanish, i believe Lopez would pronounce it in a Spanish fashion.

also I changed my grif facecanon a little bit

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