I finally have time to finish my ToG post. Here goes.



i’m not sure if their ship is passably realistic, but I find that I really don’t care. they’re a nice change of pace, and they’re cute enough that nothing else really matters.


(I don’t wanna kiss goodnight… I just wanna stay here forever…)



there has got to be a Korean version of that word


Though ya know, the scene cuts before she can answer.

She probably said no.


Easy there Beta.

I really wish he’d specify WHO he wanted to push to despair in his little soliloquy, because as it is I’m forced to assume it’s Baam.

Because who doesn’t want to ruin that kid’s life.



-here and in the previous panel or two he seems to be referring to the person who made him (and unless that’s Horyang and Cassano’s mother figure Sophia the Scientist, which I doubt, it’ll be a new character), so Baam might be safe.

For now.

From Beta.

Aw heck, Beta’s probably using Baam right now, and I really don’t think he would care if our protagonist or those he love got caught in the crossfire somewhere down the line.

Let’s be honest here, Baam never gets a break.


Did the guy seriously shoot Beta though? Does that mean he’s disposable now? Jeez, you’re the most valuable finished product of the ultimate weapon one minute, then you sneak off to do some sightseeing and suddenly you’re an expendable.

Beta doesn’t look too upset about all this though.

I’ve been curious ever since I saw the bandages on his face; is Beta blind? Even if he isn’t, I seriously doubt he can see much through all that. I love blind characters on principle (THANKS A LOT TOPH), so I would be forced to sway in his favor, which might be a problem when he inevitably starts killing people I love. I guess I’ll deal with that as it comes. Whatever his eyes look like under the wrappings, I am 587% sure they are reasonably unusual, and I look forward to seeing them.


How cool is it that their testing ground is a giant eye though?

It’s not hovering or anything, but still.


Ah yes, our glorious team leader, Ja Wangnan. Here’s to hoping everyone else used Koon’s exact strategy and sent up a “weak” player first.

At least it looks like he’s got a knife or something in the back of his belt, so he’s not completely unarmed. I mostly cropped it out, but it’s there.