John Green cakes from the Manchester TFiOS Tour! 

Obviously people are aware that Hank tweeted TFiOS but there were another four! 

Made by me (which took like hundreds of hours so please don’t repost without credit please!) 

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So these frozen french fries cook at the same temperature as these fish sticks, yet the two are made by two different companies. It’s at times like these you can really feel the hand of the Master at work in the world. 

Also, some years ago I had this thing where I was going to start telling people that Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth was heir to the Gordon’s fish stick empire. And then of course I realized it was “Gorton’s” and my whole scheme crumbled. 


I’m so humbled by this, my piece was featured on a magazine front cover and I also did a 4 page interview in the mag, it was available for handout from Gorton Studio/Neill’s Materials and also at Mouldlife at the London IMATS 2014!

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