• Fandom Jean:Oh noes! Marco, I loved you so much! You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm gonna join the corps for you. You inspired me to fight titans with my life. I'd do anything for you. *sees Eren* FUCK YOU, JAEGER. *sees Mikasa* HOT DAMN, THAT HAIR THO. *trips over something random* Oh shit! *gets randomly tongue tied* Hon hon hon *neighing noises*
  • Canon Jean:I've accepted the death of my best friend, and the choice to utilize my full potential as a soldier in the survey corps was a choice I made myself, but Marco did remind me that I have skills as a leader that I shouldn't waste. I admit that I'm a different person ever since Trost. I respect Eren as a comrade now, we have our differences, though, that's for sure. My crush on Mikasa still exists, but romance in no way controls how I think and act. I don't think able to ever kill someone, but for the sake of the survey corps and humanity, I just might have to. And hey, I'm still as honest as I'll ever be.
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I kinda forgot who posted, but I read an opinion stating that EreMika has some similarities with NaruHina, in the sense of the stalker-ish factor of the girl… IDK about that, man, IDK, but it kinda stuck to me so I made some unfinished (?) NaruHina x EreMika sketches. Kinda OOC… but plsss…. allow me the right to humor myself. Pardon me. I might do more?